Elastic Drums 1.9.4 Update released

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Oliver, the developer of the Elastic Drums app released today a new update of this drum Synthesizer app. Some improvements and new samples are now on board. Until end of of November, you can grab Elastic Drums for a discounted price. 

Available here: Elastic Drums 

New in Elastic Drums 1.9.4
  • 80 new samples from Berlin musician Phon.o (http://www.phon-o.com)
  • Improved knob and automate behavior in song mode
  • Bass synth was playing 1 octave too high in old presets with pitch modulation
  • When changing the master tempo X in song mode (mix screen), the sequencer could act weird, repeating or even stopping
  • Fixed copy seq+instr bug with copying channel data to another pattern
  • Reworked XY control – please double check, if effects and jam page still work as they did before

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