1010music released Bitbox Sampler for Eurorack

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The business of Eurorack Samplers grow and grow. Now a new company (1010music) released a new cool Sampler module for Eurorack. It’s really powerful with a lot of features and comes with a touchscreen.

1010music is shipping bitbox, a revolutionary new 26HP Eurorack sampler that features an app-style interface to provide modular synthesizer systems with on-the-fly, synchronized, 24-bit audio recording and playback of up to 16 simultaneous samples. Use bitbox to quickly record the output of cool patches and electronic jams as high-quality files. Recordings can be locked to the patch clock and recorded to bar/sync boundaries, so there is no fussing to find loop points. For playback, just launch any combination of up to 16 audio clips via a simple touch screen grid interface designed for speed and function. Creative options abound and include triggering samples as loops or one-shots via MIDI, CV Gate and modulation. Use modulation inputs to launch rows of up to four clips at a time to easily create complex, new layers of sounds. Save or load up to 12 banks of samples to microSD card, so you can easily recreate your set and/or use the samples and loops in Mac or PC applications. There’s even support for Ableton Live format. Bitbox adds new creative possibilities to Eurorack, with its straight-forward touch screen interface, high-quality 24-bit recording, and innovative sample manipulation capabilities.


• Playback of up to 16 simultaneous samples from internal memory or up to 4 directly from microSD. • Trigger samples via touch screen, CV gate inputs, or MIDI input 
• Import or export WAV files with your Mac or PC using a microSD card (included)
• Free samples including beats and other samples by producer Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle) 
• 24-bit/48kHz stereo input for high quality recordings, with stereo output and two mono effects sends 
• Stereo or mono recording with the option to synchronize start/stop times to clock inputs with a maximum recording time of up to 4 hours 
• Multiple clip Launch Modes, including One-Shot, Toggle, Gate, and a Repeat mode to allow quantized retriggering of clips while a key is held or via the touch screen. Normal playback resumes when the key or button is released.
 • Scene Trigger, which plays back an entire row of four clips/loops at once via touch screen or modulation inputs (which can also be assigned to modulate sample start, length, or pitch) • Playback can be immediate or synchronized to analog or MIDI clock 
• Control of sample parameters, including start position, length, gain, loop mode, launch quantization and pitch, including pitch modulation via CV input 
• Save/recall up to 12 different banks of samples and their configuration 
• Import bitbox Presets (a 4×4 bank of samples with playback parameters) directly into Ableton Live 
• Accepts TRS MIDI input compatible with Arturia and other products 
• 26 HP Eurorack compatible. +12V: 350mA, -12V: 0mA, 5V: 0mA

More Informations here: Bitbox Sampler

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