UVI Synth Anthology 2 released

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The french developer UVI released today the second version of Synth Anthology, a big collection of sampled hardware Synthesizer. It comes with a lot of different Synthesizers from vintage to modern machines like the KORG minilogue. Synth Anthology v.1 is an older version and this new one brings a lot of new features and new instruments. This is a library for UVI Falcon or UVI free workstation and it exist an upgrade price for users of the Synth Anthology 1 and Synth Legacy 

I’m really interested in the included sounds and samples. I plan to release in the days or next week some video content about this new release. You will have for sure content before the end of the introduction price. 

UVI releases Synth Anthology 2, a comprehensive update including over 2,500 presets sampled from 77 hardware synths, new interface and more

Paris, October 26th, 2016 – UVI releases Synth Anthology 2, a comprehensive update to their monolithic hardware synthesizer sound library, including over 2,500 presets sampled from 77 hardware synths. A total of over 20,000 samples capture the authentic hardware sound of vintage analogs like the Oberheim Xpander and Jupiter 4, digital synths like the FS1R and Synclavier and even future classics like the OB-6, Prophet-6 and Sub 37. Version 2 sees the addition of 25 new synthesizers, over 500 new presets, a new user interface and the inclusion of powerful studio effects such as Sparkverb, Thorus and Phasor.

Synth Anthology 2 delivers a large collection of sounds from a huge variety of synthesizers touching every major manufacturer and synthesis type, covering large and small productions ranging from the early 70s to today. Presets in SA2 have been lovingly designed on the original hardware and treated through an exceptional chain of processors including EQs, compressors and effects from Manley, Langevin, Lexicon, Publison, Focusrite, SPL and more giving each sound a mastered touch.

Presets in SA2 can be further edited through a new user interface giving users deep control over amp, filter, stereo placement, effects, LFO and step modulators, arpeggiator and a discrete sub oscillator allowing users to make changes as subtle as EQ adjustments to completely reshaping and customizing the sound, all with the convenience of a software instrument.
Synth Anthology 2 offers native 64-bit standalone operation by way of Falcon or the free UVI Workstation, providing comprehensive support for all modern DAWs and simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

More Informations here: UVI Synth Anthology 2 

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