Reaktion Sound released Hypnosium Oscillator for Reaktor 6 Blocks

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The market of commercial Reaktor 6 Blocks grows and grows. Today, Reaktion Sound released a new Oscillator block. Looks interesting and has some cool feature. I would test this blocks but I don’t have Reaktor 6 yet. 

HYPNOSIUM – Additive Morphing Oscillator implements Additive Synthesis to create a wide range of timbres. Shape the sound at your taste by manually drawing the harmonic content, refine it with additional features and morphing through different waveform banks. Draw your own sound and use the morphing features to get hypnotic soundscapes.
Hypnosium features
  • Six banks of drawable Additive waveforms.
  • Waveform Sequencing with external gate signals.
  • Waveform Scanning with Morph control.
  • Automatic random waveform generator.
  • Smooth change of harmonics number.
  • Stereo width&panning.
  • FM-like inharmonic timbres.
  • Output waveform display.
  • Anti-aliasing generation.

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