Expert Sleepers announced ES-8 – Audio Interface for Eurorack

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Expert Sleepers announced today a very cool new Audio Interface for Eurorack Systems. What is great here, you can not only this with Reaktor 6 or zMors Modular App to distribute CV or Gate but also as audio interface to route Audio in your iPad and route it again out. So you can use your iPad as effect processor. This idea, I demonstrate with the Audio Damage Odio interface but this module offers more connections.

The ES-8 is a USB 2.0 class-compliant audio interface in a Eurorack module, with DC-coupled inputs and outputs that can be used for both CVs and audio. As such it is directly compatible with all popular computer-based CV generation software (e.g. Silent Way, Max/MSP, Reaktor, CV Toolkit, zMors, etc.) as well as audio and CV processing iOS apps.

The ES-8 also has ADAT inputs & outputs. This could be used for example to expand the output count via an Expert Sleepers ES-3 and/or ES-6, or to connect a traditional audio interface to add, say, mic preamps or 1/4″ line outputs.

An expansion header allows connection of an Expert Sleepers ES-5, to which in turn you can connect their gate, CV and MIDI expanders.

More Informations here: Expert Sleepers ES-8

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