sonicLAB updates Cosmosƒ Saturn to v3

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sonicLAB released the third version of his Cosmos f Saturn Synthesizer. This new version comes with new significant updates like macro events for your patches. This update is available for free for all users of Cosmos f Saturn v.2

The new update offers dual macro events in each Cosmosƒ universe. When a macro event exceeds the user defined macro event duration due to overlapping meso events, then automatically the other macro event starts a new cycle while the previous one continues playing fully all its meso events. This phenomena suggests a continuum in audio processing of Cosmosƒ.
Also the meso and micro event densities have been increased. Now one can introduce up to 11 meso events in a macro event and 11 micro events in each meso event. Due to these structural changes many parts of the software has been revisited and improved.
More Informations here: Cosmos f Saturn v.3

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