Behringer DeepMind 12 Synthesizer – Price News !

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We have a price: 999.99 USD. On Gearslutz, Uli Behringer announced the official price. I think it’s a new price point for a 12 voice polyphonic Synthesizer. Never seen before, such a cheap price for an analog poly Synthesizer with 12 voices. 

Dear all,

again sorry to keep you waiting with the price announcement. I am aware I may have lost some friends in this process:-)

Please allow me to explain the reason why this has taken so long:

We are a very different company as we don’t set pricing based on what we believe a customer would be willing to pay for our product, or where competitive products are priced at.
We simply set pricing based on a “bottom up” approach where we calculate the component prices, add manufacturing cost plus a slim margin that we need to in order to hire more people and buy new equipment. 

Because of the huge demand for the DeepMind12, we went back to our component suppliers and asked for a higher discount in return for higher purchase volumes. We then approached our distribution partners again and asked what their orders would be, if we would lower pricing. We did this a few rounds until we reached rock bottom pricing. And that’s where we are now.

During the development of the DeepMind12, we involved a lot of synthesizer experts, producers, musicians but also synth magazines. Of course, we were constantly asked what the price would be, but at the same time repeatedly told not to make it too affordable as otherwise the public perception of the instrument would be impacted. 
Since the competition sits around US$ 2,000, the general recommendation was not to offer it below US$ 1,500 and everyone would be happy.

As you all know, I built my first synthesizer UB1 (picture attached) when I was 16, but it unfortunately got lost during an office relocation and for the following 40 years I always wanted to build a synth again. 

Some years ago our amazing people and world-class engineers at Midas in Manchester learned about my dream and decided to actually built a synthesizer for me. 
Initially the synth started as a Juno 106 inspiration but later literally grew into a monster as our guys kept on adding features on a weekly basis (I am sure they are still adding more). 
I mentioned earlier, if there is a product that deserves the name “feature creep”, then it’s the DeepMind12 and I am absolutely serious!

Since I started Behringer 27 years ago, my philosophy was always to offer amazing products at incredible prices and that’s what we built our company on. 
In this spirit, it is no surprise that I also like to see this synth in the hands of many of you guys and hope the DeepMind12 will inspire you as much as it inspires me. I can’t wait to hear the great songs you will compose and share with the community.

I have now made the decision to offer the DeepMind12 at a recommended sales price of US$ 999.99 (I have a feeling your dealer might drop the 99 cents).*

Getting this instruments into the hands of as many musicians as possible is a dream come true. At the risk of being ridiculed for showing my emotions, this is a very happy moment in my life and I like to thank first and foremost my friends Pete Sadler, Rob Belcham and all our incredible crew in MUSIC Innovation Manchester plus all other 4,000 people in MUSIC. I will never forget this.

We are planning to ship the first units towards the end of the year. While we will do everything we can do ramp up production, please be patient as we don’t know yet how we can fill all these backorders.

Once again thank you all – you guys are great!


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