SpaceVibe 2.0.1 Update

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SpaceVibe got a massive update to version 2. One of the best news about this app, now you can also download your iPhone /iPod Touch version for it. It’s universal now. 

Features and Improvements of Version 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 

  • SpaceVibe is now compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch!
  • Gravity mode lets you play SpaceVibe just by moving the device. Turn your device like a steering wheel to raise or lower notes and rotate the screen towards your face to vary linked effects. 
  • You can now extend the range of sounds in SpaceVibe with Scale Packs available as in-app purchases. The Minor Modes Scale Pack has all the modes of the Melodic and Harmonic Minor Scales and the Exotic Scale Pack has an eclectic collection of scales that are perfect for sonic mayhem.
  • There are some new settings : 
  • show knob values.
  • Double-Tap only mode for all buttons. Useful for smaller screens.
  • Play SpaceVibe in the background. This lets you keep playing while you use another app. Defaults on when connected to Audiobus or Inter-App-Audio.
  • Allow the device to sleep or not. This can let you save battery power when you don’t need to keep the app running all the time for a performance. Defaults to no when connected to Audiobus or Inter-App-Audio.
  • Minor bug fixes.

SpaceVibe is available here for iPhone /iPod Touch and iPad 

My video from an earlier version is available here:

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