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Before some months, I created some video content about the sensor Mogees from London. It is a real cool experience to play with such a new thing and to discover new ways to make music. Today, Mogees introduce the next generation: Mogees Play

Mogees Play turns the world around you into an ingenious interface for playing games, creating music and much more. 

Mogees Play is an ingenious smart sensor that attaches to a phone or tablet and turns the world around you into an interface for playing games, creating music and much more.
Mogees Play comes with three new and totally FREE apps – Pulse, Jam and Keys – that let you create, game and learn anytime, anywhere.
Mogees Play is a small and portable sensor, just slightly bigger than a soda-cap, that turns any hard surface into a unique interface.
Start by plugging Mogees Play into your smartphone or tablet and then stick to an object nearby, like a table or park bench or tree or even another person.
Mogees Play senses the vibrations you make when you touch the object, recording information like impact strength, speed, timbre and length. This information is then interpreted by our apps and transformed into actions or sounds on-screen.

Play the World…with our three new apps

No need for controllers, joysticks or keyboards. No need for instruments either. Just plug in Mogees Play and fire up one of our free new apps to experiment, game, and record music using real world objects.

1 – Pulse

Pulse is an addictive rhythm game with multiple levels which takes the player through varied genres of music, subtly teaching the basics of rhythm, timbre and velocity, from simple dance beats to more complex styles from around the world.

2 – Jam

Jam lets you create the music you want, providing accessible tools for instantly build rhythms and loops using the acoustic properties of any object the Mogees Play device is attached to.

3 – Keys 

Keys lets you create melodies, arpeggios and chords. You can easily experiment with melodic sequences and a huge amount of harmonic variety through simple note and mode selection. (for iOS only)

Why we created Mogees Play 

We’re passionate about creating new ways for people to enjoy and experiment with music.
That’s why we launched Mogees Pro last year. Today, Mogees Pro is used by professional and advanced musicians all over the world to create unique recordings and live performances, including the likes of Brian Eno and Rodrigo y Gabriela.
And now, with Mogees Play, we want to open up music to even more people whatever their ability or interest, through gaming and playing using the real world. Here’s what the Mogees team have to say:

More Informations about Mogees Play and their Kickstarter, please visit this link 
Mogees Play Kickstarter


  1. Please check the details more in details. You can attach the mic to any objects in the worlds and transform them in instrument. Sure you can use Impaktor for iPad or iPhone but you can't put everywhere because the phones are big and takes a lot of room. Here you attach the mic to something in your kitchen like a jar and you can jam with this. The sensor inside this mics are more precise than in normal phones.

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