Update for Xfer Records Serum Synthesizer and SerumFX plugin

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Xfer Records Serum Synthesizer is one of these Synthesizers which become better and better after the official version 1 release. The developer Steve Duda released in the past month a lot of great updates for Serum. One of the best updates was the release of an additional free Serum FX plugin for all existing customers of Serum Synthesizer. With this additional release, you get the possibility to use the FX part of the synth separately on other tracks.

This update for Serum is another big one with additional LFO’s, more features for the Noise Oscillator and also the possibility to make effect presets. So you can recall your effect racks or single effects with a simple clicks from the preset FX browser. 

The dream Synthesizer did not seem to exist: a wavetable Synthesizer with a truly high-quality sound, visual and creative workflow-oriented interface to make creating and altering sounds fun instead of tedious, and the ability to “go deep” when desired – to create / import / edit / morph wavetables, and manipulate these on playback in real-time.

Changes in Serum & SerumFX
  • Added: 8 LFOs: hidden by default, until LFO4 is used, then you will see LFO5 appear, etc.
  • Added: drag and drop support for Noise Oscillator: the noise file will embed in the preset/song in these situations. You will notice the background get a blue tint, this is to indicate the noise file is embedded in the preset/song. You can advance <> noises in the respective folder once a first sound is dragged in.
  • Added: noise files when load without fine tune when pitch track is enabled (sample rate is recognized / thus no pitch offset) so the Noise fine tune shouldn’t be needed if your source sample is in tune.
  • Added: Alt-click on “MOD” column entires in the Matrix to toggle between “*” (normal / active modulation) and Bypassed (saves a menu selection to audition bypasses).
  • Improved: Noise Fine control modulation depth ‘arc’ more accessible (was overlapping with the control’s up/down arrows).
  • Improved: typeable values for noise osc in key track mode follow display.
  • Added: Option (preference) for Noises to be embedded in presets. This isn’t recommend to enable, as you’ll be bloating your project files: It’s the 13th brackets entry in the Serum.cfg file. If you delete the Serum.cfg file it will list it as such “Embed non-factory noises inside presets (warning: larger presets / songs!)” this is intended currently for soundware developers and isn’t recommend to enable for local use (you’ll end up with larger songs and presets when using custom noises).
  • Added: Serum Preset Browser now has additional 4th column choice: “Comment”, for personal comments in browser.
  • Added: Serum Preset Browser now saves the last selected 4th column choice / opening new instances will default to this column choice.
If you love wavetable Synthesis and want a powerful Synth with a lot of in depth features, please check Serum. If you purchase Serum, you will receive SerumFX as free plugin. SerumFX is an excellent Multi-FX processor. 
Available here: Xfer Serum & SerumFX

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