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SYNTH ANATOMY uses affiliation & partner programs (big red buttons) to finance a part of the activity. If you use these, you support the website. Thanks! 

Thanks a lot already for reading my articles, watching my videos and like’ing them but I have something other interesting to share with you. Please visit my Facebook Page: Synth Anatomy to receiving a good overview what you find actually on my website. Additional, I post pictures from events, products and upload some short videos about new stuff or some experimentations. If you like my page, I’m very happy about this 😉 Thanks a lot 

If you don’t like Facebook but more Twitter, please follow me on Twitter @synthanatomy for all the news and new releases. 

If you are a social media geek, you can even follow me on Instagram. I post there the best pictures from events and products and upload very short trailers and videos about new stuff or tests. You find me there also under: synthanatomy 

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