Softtube Modular released – Do you really need this plugin?

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Softube has announced the release of Modular, a virtual analog modular Synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. You can now purchase it if you are interested in the virtual Eurorack format. 

I‘m not the absolute fan of this release because what I love in Eurorack is the direct feedback, working with real cables and the meetings with people. With this virtual version, you receive a program where you can make patches and make also some very crazy sounds but for me the real feeling is not there. You still work with a mouse and keyboard and in the real Eurorack world, you can fetch some cables from the corder and beginn to patch. In the virtual version, you must launch your DAW and activate the plugin. So you need your PC or May system to run it. In the real Eurorack, you plug your headphones in the audio output and patch around. Do you really make events or go to a modular events with your notebook and say: Hey friends, here is my Eurorack system. Personally I think not. 

Also the fact that you can buy additional modules to this system, is something what I don’t really love. If you want the full power of all currently released modules or upcoming, you need to buy them all. In the final you have bought a lot of additional modules and spend a lot of money for it. What is when they drop in some years the support for this plugin due of some circumstances (commercial success, …), you can’t use them in a future system because they don’t support a future operation system. In this situation, a real modular still works because you spent your money in real hardware. Also the fact that this commercial success for Eurorack Synthesizers come from this feeling of jamming around, patching, turning knobs, can’t be transferred to this virtual system.

I don’t critics the sound of Softube. I’m really sure, Softube created again a top-notch product with an excellent sound but for me it’s the concept of the product which I don’t love. Eurorack is a love for patching, real cables clutter and cool meetings with friends and developers. I’m pretty sure you can create such good music with this virtual version as with a real one. The price is here buy factor. You receive for currently 75 USD (99 USD normally), a lot of interesting stuff to start with Eurorack but I’m pretty sure you will say: “again a virtual Synthesizer”. The passion is here less big than in the real Eurorack Modular World.
This is my opinion about it so maybe you have a different one. Cheers Tom – Synth Anatomy 

Edit: Who is the perfect buyer? 

1 – You are new and you want to start with Eurorack Modular

2 – You are interested in learning Eurorack Modular 

3 – You don’t have the money for buying such expensive modules but want to play around with Eurorack Modules

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