KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.8 released

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KV331 Audio, the developer team behind the amazing Synthesizer Plugin Synthmaster released this week update 2.8 with a lot of new features. I covered this topic already in the beta version. You can find this here: 

Personally, I must say here that I doesn’t know developer which brings so much new features in every update. Normally developers brings some little features, improvements or bug fixes but the team behind Synthmaster make it different. If you read the complete list of new features, you will see that the is a big amount of new stuff for a 2.8 update. 

If you need your first Synthesizer or a new one, consider Synthmaster. Why? It’s easy, it combines a lot of different synthesis types in one Synthesizer and you have so much features. If you say now: Wait it’s 2.8 and than 3.0 will coming soon. A complete new version is coming but you can update at this point for such a bargain price of under 20 Euro. What they plan to release for version 3.0 is huge so the update price is a no-brainer for all existing users.

Check out their official video about all the new features in Synthmaster 2.8

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