D16 Group released Punchbox – Bass Drum Synthesizer

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I wrote back in May, a big news about an upcoming new Synthesizer release of D16 Group. Now this plugin is officially released. Great GUI and the sound demos have a great quality. I’m pretty sure this plugin can create excellent Bass Drum Sounds. The D16 Group created in the past create emulations of drum machines and Synthesizers. I’m pretty sure this has also an excellent sound character. 

PunchBOX easily brings together the best of the two worlds. The expressiveness of synthesized sounds next to the richness and complexity of samples end up delivering top-notch, never-heard and dancefloor-crushing kick sound.

Each of the onboard samples is a little diamond in itself, crafted with professional experience, precious pieces of studio equipment, top-shelf instruments and vintage analog gear. The kick sound Synthesizers, originating from highly acclaimed D16 emulations of classic Roland drum machines, were taken to the next level and customized to perfectly fit the purpose of PunchBOX.
The very heart of PunchBOX is comprised of four sound generators, each of them standing for a key component of the final majestic kick sound. Factory settings were created to allow influencing the sound in a unique, intuitive and inspiring way.
PunchBOX features
  • Sound source

    • Up to 4 generators, operating in parallel, activated/deactivated independently
      • Click – Sample-based, produces Kick accent
      • Tops – Sample-based, produces e.g. hihats, percussion and noise
      • Tools – Sample-based, produces almost full Kicks without sub
      • Kick – Sample-based or Synth-based, produces the Kick’s body. 4 synthesis engines for Synth Mode to select from: 909 Kick model, 808 Kick model, 606 Kick model, Sine wave based Kick model

  • Audio-to-effect send per generator
  • 1 voice of polyphony
  • Optional MIDI velocity sensitivity and pitch tracking
    • Built-in effect rack
      • 5 high-quality algorithms operating in series, may be independently turned on/off and reordered by drag’n’drop: Equalizer, Bit Crusher, Distortion, Filter, Limiter
      • Controllable connection point in the effect chain for the generators’ direct output (Mixdown after)
    • Samples and presets
      • Vast factory content designed by CFA-Sound and Sounds of Revolution: 800 presets, 1100 samples, suitably tagged.
      • Tag-based Preset and Sample browsers with preview option.
      • User may import own samples.
      • 7 preset categories (hierarchically ordered): Global / Master presets, 909 Synth engine, 808 Synth engine, 606 Synth engine, Sine Synth engine, Bitcrusher Effect, Distortion Effect.
    • MIDI Learn option
    • Flexible Randomizer
    • Direct Export function (export your final kick as WAV file)
    More Informations herePunchBox

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