apeSoft iDensity 2.5 for iPhone and iPad is coming soon – 6 audio streams and more

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apeSoft will release in the next two weeks the new version of iDensity Granular Synthesizer. iDensity 2.5 will increase the audio stream amount to 6 in total. So the new version will add two more audio streams to the app. Additional to the 6 streams, iDensity 2.5 will have also full multi-channel audio streaming support. This offer you the possibility to route all 6 audio channels individually to different apps or if you have an app like AUM, than you can route them to 6 different audio channels and manipulate them with different audio effect processors. 

I must say that this update will raise the bar of the quality of this granular app. 

The new GUI Design with 6 Granular Streams 

Multi-Channel Support: AudioBus Setup of all 6 Audio Streams with AUM app 

Multi-Channel Support: Setup in AUM 

I produced a preview video about this upcoming release. 

apeSoft iDensity 2 is available here

Kymatica AUM is available here

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