Massive Deal: Izotope BreakTweaker Drum Machine and my impressions

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Plugin Boutique just launched a very high discount on the drum machine BreakTweaker from Izotope. You can get this with a 80% discount until the 3 of June 2016. So musicians ask at this price discount buy or not buy. I think Izotope BreakTweaker is more than just a classical drum machine. Here are some reasons why I think BreakTweaker is a something special for all drum machine lovers and experimental people. But also if you are only a normal musician, BreakTweaker can give you something special to your track. 

Reasons why this deal is excellent 

  • BreakTweaker is based on wavetable synthesis and samples. The synthesis part gives your some very interesting sound possibilities with different modulations. The synth part doesn’t read own wavetables but the included wavetables gives you a lot of freedom in your sound. 
  • The sequences are complete modular. Each sequence can be modified very freely without following some restriction. If you want to experiment, you can make a four step kick and a 10 step hi hats or something like that. The patterns can work very individually and chaotic also. 
  • Each Sequences can have his own tempo. So the kick can run faster than all other sequences sounds 
  • The created sounds can go far beyond the classical drum synthesis sounds
  • Features like MicroEdit go beyond all available drum Synthesizers on the market. Why? You can transform, edit and adjust all steps of your sequence individually. Example you can give step 1 another pitch than step 2. Further you can great sounds like granular beats. Yes, granular beats are absolute great here because there are never hear before in a drum plugin. And this granular or shutter sounds can manipulate also in every single step individually. Your sequences can go easy in a crazy and experimental direction without having a lot of knowledge in this domain. 
  • BreakTweaker doesn’t come with a lot of samples but the structure behind this plugin allow you to load any kind of samples in this machine. So a lot of freedom in the creation of the sound. You can count how many free samples are available on the internet today. 
  • Use rhythmic slicing to drive everything from pitched melodic lines to sweeping rhythmic overtures. This sounds crazy but it’s real. The sound possibilities are far beyond all classical emulations of drum computers.
  • You can even create stuff like glitched drum machine patterns. 
  • The included effects are high-quality as usual in Izotope Plugins
  • There is a demo version available which you can use the entire time. I give you the hint: try it before buying it. Here, you have the full version as demo and I try it 😉
  • The price point: For around 49 USD, you can’t find a drum machine for your DAW with all this technology and features behind.You must know the normal price is over 200 USD.
  • Buy it or not buy it? Try it: the demo gives you the freedom to play around with it and to decide if you want to invest this price or not 

If you want to purchase it because it’s on your buy list since some time or the demo convince you, please use my purchase link below so you receive an excellent deal and you support my Blog and Video Channel Synth Anatomy. Thanks a lot 

This amazing deal is available here: Izotope BreakTweaker

Check out the video of Plugin Guru, you can get an excellent overview of the plugin

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