Excellent Event: Synth Fest 2016 in Brno hosted by Bastl Instruments

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This weekend, Bastl Instruments hosted for the second time the Noise Kitchen Synth Fest event in Brno, Czech Republic. It was an excellent Synthesizer event for all visitors. It was not only an event for the nerdy and geek talk but also for people not yet familiar with such machines. It was a good mixture of easy to use electronic instruments and machines with higher knowledges needed. If you want to know how it looks this amazing event, please check my video and some of my photos. The complete amount of photos are available at Synth Anatomy Facebook page and if you like them, please also like the page. For this already a big thanks.

It’s a noisy video but it shows you good how relaxing and chilling this area for this event was. There was no feeling “please buy our products” but more: drink with us a beer and have a nice synth talk. The event was also the moment which Bastl Instruments and Casper Electronics demonstrated for their first time in Europe their complete new developed product: bitRanger, a very portable patchable analog Synthesizer box. More about this products, you can find here: 


For the first time, I got also my hands on the Pyramid Sequencer from France. Very cool guys from Paris and I hope that these guys are successful with their sequencer. 

This was the outdoor area of the Synth Fest 2016. In a smaller inside area, their was some performances in the night and last until in the early hours of the next day. 
In this picture, you see one of the acts during the performance. 

In summary, it was a great experience to visit the Noise Kitchen Synth Fest 2016 and I hope I can visit it again in 2017.

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