EDM? My Love for the Deadmau5 Soundcloud Page

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When people hear Deadmau5, they said often: oh EDM music, big festivals and others. Sure this the fact. This man goes frequently to very big festivals in the world but wait Deadmau5 has also another side of his music. I’m not interested to see him on stage and make music like a DJ or with some high-end technology products. I’m not the man who goes to see such people live because it’s boring. Sorry to say that, many people in the world loves such music but I love to see artists on stage which do more than press a play and stop button. 

This is why I love to hear the stuff which Deadmau5 released on his soundcloud pages. Most of the tracks doesn’t come to an album because they are to experimental or not to EDM like. While (1<2), the last album of Deadmau5 was amazing because, it was not repetitive and not repetitive in the style of music. Sure it’s electronics but he try to make very special electronics which are great and but also to scary. I will post here on the bottom some amazing tracks from his Soundcloud page. Great job of an artist with two faces. One try out man and one for the millions of fans on festivals.

Here is a playlist which I want to share with you with some very typical Deadmau5 melodies but also with some experimental stuff.

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