Inear Display released Incipit Plugin and Video Demo

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Inear Display has announced the release of Incipit, a creative delay effect plugin for Windows and Mac. 

Created with sound designers in mind, Incipit is also a perfect fit for musicians who want to quickly mutate their sounds. Whether you need a subtle dub delay or a twisted alien texture, the intuitive user interface will get out of your way to quickly craft the perfect patch for the task.
Incipit features
  • 3 Effect Chains including Pitch Shifter, Delay with optional tempo sync and output gain and panoramic controls.
  • Mix amount for all the Pitch Shifters and Delays.
  • Warm Sounding Multi-mode Filter (Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Notch).
  • Dry/Wet Control.
  • 4 LFO Modulators with optional tempo sync and optional high rate mode (up to 1000 Hz).
  • 3 Macro Modulators.
  • All Modulations are processed at audio rate.
  • Intuitive Modulation Matrix with positive and negative modulation amounts.
  • Global Modulation Depth scaling parameter.
  • Randomizer with sub-groups and random amount control.
  • Over 70 factory presets.
  • Oscilloscope.
  • Clean Color Coded Interface.
  • Scalable User Interface (up to 200%).
  • Cross-Platform presets.
  • MIDI Learn.
  • MIDI program change support.
More Informations here:
Here is a video I shoot about this new plugin from Inear Display in combination with AAS Chromaphone 2

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