KQ MiniSynth for iPhone and iPad released

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This week, KQ MiniSynth is released for IOS (iPhone and iPad), a polyphonic modular Synthesizer. 

KQ Mini Synth is available here

The maximum number of modules you can set is 100! Of course it depends on your device’s ability. You can install 10 Oscillators, make 10 series FM Modulators, and so on as you want.

External MIDI (e.g. iRig MIDI) is Supported. Inter-App Audio is Supported.


This version contains a language problem.

If your device is set with other language than English or Japanese, all description are shown in Japanese.

This issue will be fixed in the next version.

This app implements the follow modules.


  • Oscillator Type A (Frequency Modulation)
  •  Oscillator Type B (Pulse Width Modulation)
  •  Super Saw Oscillator
  • Low Frequency Oscillator
  • White Noise Generator

  • 4 Channel Mixer
  • Voltage-Controlled Amplifier
  • Sample-and-Hold Amplifier
  • Booster


  • Envelope Generator Type A
  • Envelope Generator Type B
  • Inverting Circuit
  • Logical And (Series Switch)
  • Logical Or (Parallel Switch)
  • Maximum/Minimum Selector

  • V/Oct Vibrator
  •  Keyboard Level Scaling
  • Ring Modulator


  • Voltage-Controlled Filter (LPF/HPF/BPF/BEF)
  • Delay Effector
  • Reverb Filter
  • Compressor

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