Uwyn ShowMIDI 1.0, visualizing your MIDI data stream has never been easier

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Uwyn has released ShowMIDI 1.0, a free multi-platform application that makes it easier than ever to visualize all your MIDI data stream.

In 1981, Dave Smith (RIP) of Sequential invented the Musical Instrument Digital Interface protocol, also known as MIDI. Two years later, he introduced the Prophet-600, the first Synthesizer to communicate via MIDI.

Forty-one years later, in 2024, Dave Smith’s legendary invention is a staple when working with synthesizers or electronic instruments. MIDI offerings today are complex data streams compared to the past and present. Where previously, just one instrument was often controlled, musicians today fire up complete MIDI-powered hardware and software setups.

Uwyn ShowMIDI

These are huge MIDI data streams that go into the computer, instruments, etc., in real-time. To visualize this, Geert Bevin of Uwyn, and chief software developer at Moog, has developed a clever soft tool that provides a solution.

Uwyn ShowMIDI 1.0

ShowMIDI 1.0 is a super helpful, free cross-platform application that lets you visualize all your MIDI data stream like never before. 

The idea behind this open-source application is simple: it is designed to help musicians gain an overview of all active MIDI streams. It can display all your MIDI devices, channels, but also MIDI functions, including: 

  • Note On with Velocity (ON)
  • Note Off with Velocity (OFF)
  • Control Change (CC)
  • Hi-Res 14-bit Control Change (HRCC)
  • Pitch Bend Change (PB)
  • Program Change (PRGM)
  • Channel Pressure (CP)
  • Polyphonic Key Pressure (PP)
  • Registered Parameter Number (RPN)
  • Non-Registered Parameter Number (NRPN)
  • MPE Configuration (MPE MGR, MPE LZ, MPE UZ)
  • Timing Clock as BPM (CLOCK BPM)
  • Clock Start (START)
  • Clock Continue (CONT)
  • Clock Stop (STOP)
  • System Exclusive (SYSEX)

Uwyn ShowMIDI app

The way the data is presented in Uwyn ShowMIDI 1.0 is particularly praiseworthy. Instead of digging through lots of nerdy logs, ShowMIDI presents everything visually appealingly and straightforwardly. You don’t have to be an expert to do this.

Plus, you can customize the visualization with various available themes.

First Impression

Many thanks to Geert Bevin for offering this app as an open-source, free download. It is a truly handy tool for tracking your MIDI data in an elegant way.

ShowMIDI 1.0 by Geert Bevin is now available for free download. It runs as a plugin and standalone application on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel), Linux, and Windows. An iOS version is also available.

More information here: GitHub

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