Roger Linn, creator of the first MPC reviews the Akai MPC Live II

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Roger Linn, creator of the legendary drum machine LM-1 and the first Akai MPC (MPC60), reviews the Akai MPC Live II.

Everything had a beginning—even today’s popular MPC grooveboxes. These go back to 1988 when Akai released the first MPC with the MPC 60. This was developed by Roger Linn in collaboration with the then-Japanese company.

The MPC60 MKII and the MPC3000 were the successors. Linn left Akai after the company went out of business in the late 1990s, and Numark purchased Akai’s assets. Almost 30 years later, Roger Linn sits before a new, modern MPC. But that is not by chance

Roger Linn Reviews MPC 

Akai Pro, now part of inMusic, asked Roger Linn if he would like to look at the new MPC Live II. He said yes because he hasn’t worked with the new generation yet and is curious to try them out. Over the last weekend, he released a video sharing his impression of the Akai MPC Live II.

It is a very interesting video because RL discusses the MPC Live II in detail for the first time. So, the creator of the first MPC looks at what has become of his legacy. There’s also a little jam to go with it.

To me, this video is worth a look for MPC lovers and non-MPC users. 

More information here: Akai / Roger Linn

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  1. what ive often thought it would be great for them to work together again and I’d love to see some kind of collaboration on some kind of akai force crossed with a linnstrument that would be cool af

  2. Roger ~

    So great to see you loop back on this. I always wondered about your thoughts regarding the newer MPC units, and it is so good to hear about your affirmation and see the Linnstrument in action with it!

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