Akai Pro MPC STEMS now available for MPC hardware

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Akai Pro will supercharge its MPC hardware and software lineup with built-in stems separation technology in the sampler engine.

Finally, the day is here. After the MPC Steam functionality was initially only available for the MPC software,Akai Pro has now added support for the MPC hardware lineup. 

The new MPC Steams functionality is compatible with the following hardware devices: MPC Live series, MPC One, MPC One +, MPC X, MPC Xse, MPC Key 61, MPC Key 37 and MPC Studio Mk2. Interestingly, the Force is not part of the list.

This new feature is not a free update. It costs $9.99 from the official website and gives you access to the hardware and software. Anyone who has already purchased MPC Stems for the MPC software will automatically receive the standalone functionality


Update From March 26, 2024

Good news from Akai Pro. The long-awaited MPC Steams are now available for $9,99 from the official website. MPC Stems is fully Supported by the following products: MPC Live Series, MPC One/One+, MPC X/Xse, MPC Key 37 & 61, and MPC Studio MK2.

Unfortunately, not yet for the hardware version. But I’m sure this update will follow soon. 


Article From January 12, 2024

Technology has taken massive steps forward in recent years. AI is a hot topic in music production. We use algorithms to generate infinite melodies, explore matching chords, or find samples faster in intelligent browsers.

At the same time, stems separation technology became a big topic with the ability to separate full tracks into their constituent instrumental parts. The function can now be found in DAWs (FL Studio 21.2) and DJ software. Very soon, also in Akai Pro’s hardware and software ecosystem.

Akai Pro Stems

Akai Pro MPC Stems

Akai Pro has announced the function, but it will only be delivered later. It’s a big step for the sampler engine as it turns it into a sample creation tool. Akai describes it as the “Pandora’s box”. 

The MPC Stems function separates your sample into four individual stems: vocals, bass, drums, and music. Once processed, you have full control over all four stems with dedicated controls: semi-tone, fine-tune, level, and pan.

From here, you can then import them into the sampler again and use it in your tracks. The results from the MPC stems, as you can hear from the first demos, are of high quality. However, since the overall technology is not yet 100% perfect, it happens that stems contain artifacts. 

First Impression

An exciting new function that the MPCs will get in the future. This takes working with samples to a new workflow level as it opens up new possibilities.

Akai MPC Steams will be available first at MPC Software in February 2024, later on MPC standalone for $9.99. 

More information here: Akai Pro 

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  1. Really nice update for certain genre types. Although I never sample from other’s music, it’s a super nice feature for those MPC users.

    Also, Live users can never claim they are performing “DAWless” with this mini-DAW & attached MPC pad controller. Nope! Just get a laptop, you’re not fooling anyone! 😛

  2. The stem separation market has some great alternatives that are poised to get even better due to AI. Hit’N’Mix, Lalal.ai, Ozone RX9, Gaudio Studio and more do the stem thing but all provide kind of focused results so it depends. Not sure how Akai will pull off this feat on their stand alone CPU but it’ll be interesting how results measure with the established alternatives out there.

    This said, I hope Akai goes the Ableton Push way of allowing the user to change the internal computer instead of having to rebuy the whole thing just for a new computer inside. Polyend almost made it but allowing the process to be done by the user (again, Ableton videos on how to convert Push 3 to standalone are great) is the way to go. Same thing applies to the Maschine+ and NI standalone MK2 version should allow for user replaceable brain.

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