Superbooth 24: Acid Rain Technology Memo, a cable-free modular Synthesizer

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Superbooth 24: Acid Rain Technology Memo is an upcoming cable-free modular Synthesizer with two VCOs and VCFs 

The first day of Superbooth 24 is already a week behind us. However, I’m still working on the SB 24 news coverage. Also this year, there were synthesizers about which little was reported—no wonder with over 200 synth exhibitors. 

A synth I would have liked to cover in person but didn’t get around to is the new Acid Rain Technology MEMO Synthesizer. It’s an early prototype and also the company’s first desktop Synthesizer. The developers are best known for Eurorack modules.

Acid Rain Technology Memo

Acid Rain Technology Memo

The Eurorack modules from Acid Rain Technology (Constellation/Maestro) have many white round buttons with which you can trigger functions. This design is very eye-catching.

They are now continuing this in their new desktop Synthesizer, Memo. It’s inspired by Buchla and Serge’s 1970s panel synthesizers. 

The exciting thing about the new Acid Rain Technology Memo Synthesizer is that it is modular in its core but does not require cables, so there will be no cable mess.

Patching is, however, possible. Acid Technology Memo implemented this with the white buttons. Each section has a “patch” button, allowing you to connect the different sections.

Memo consists of two VCOs with sync, two multimode VCFs, two raise/fall function generators, LFO, three VCAs, and more. The complete feature set is not yet official.

However, I assume that the modulation engine is very sophisticated because Acid Rain Technology has gained considerable expertise in this topic, mainly from its module Maestro. According to the information from the Gearspace video, it will have full MIDI integration.  

First Impression

Patching without cables on a modular Synthesizer is something different in the age of Eurorack. I can say little about Memo because all the feature details are still missing. But I find the concept very intriguing and look forward to hearing more details. Stay tuned.

Acid Rain Technology plans to release MEMO at the end of the year or early 2025. The price is TBA.

More information will follow here: Acid Rain Technology

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