Superbooth 24: Jomox Alpha Base MKII, analog drum Synthesizer gets a new version

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Superbooth 24: Jomox has showcased the new Alpha Base MKII, the successor of its popular analog drum Synthesizer/drum machine, with new features and improvements.

Analog drum synthesizers/drum machines with a big feature set beyond 808/909 are rare these days. One of the most popular is the Jomox Alpha Base from 2017. It offers both deep drum synthesis and sampling/sample playback in a unit. 

After seven years on the market, the MKI is now discontinued. Jürgen Michaelis from Jomox already previewed the new Alpha Base MKII last year at Superbooth 23. This year at Superbooth 24, he showcased the finished version he will release later this year.

Jomox Alpha Base MKII

Jomox Alpha Base MKII

Alpha Base MKII is almost identical to the MKI in terms of features. There are, however, major new features and improvements. 

The engine in the MKII is also a mix of analog and digital. The analog side has the kick drum, a super-wide-range MBrane, and a Hi-hat with closed and open hi-hats.

The succeeding six instruments are built hybrid and consist of samples fed through analog filters and VCAs. Each analog sample channel has its own metallic noise that can be used as a signal source or mixed with the sample. Next to these are two more sample slots with sampling capabilities that work purely digital. Plus, there is an FM synth engine.

The user interface is a major improvement compared to the MKI, which now features more knobs and buttons for main functions (last step, rec sample, store kit, store pattern, adjustable noise volume…). Another big change in the Jomox Alpha Base MKII is the display which is now an OLED.

According to Jürgen Michaelis, they also upgraded the sample memory from 300 to 500 slots. Of course, it has an SD card slot for loading custom samples, and more. There are two other major changes hidden inside the unit. 

The new Alpha Base MKII ships with new converters because the ones from the MKI are no longer available. This resulted in a redesign of the internals. With this upgrade, they also achieved improvements in the panning circuitry. Each instrument now has true VCA-based panning.

The sequencer has the same features as the Alpha Base MKI. There is, however, one news. You can record more parameters in the sequencer.

First Impression

A nice, solid upgrade for the Alpha Base drum machine/drum synthesizer. The more hardware control and the OLED screen bring a lot to the device. 

Jomox Alpha Base MKII will be available in October 2024 for 1899€.

More information here: Jomox

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  1. It sounds great, they always did, but here I go again, it just doesn’t justify nearly 2000 Euros.
    If it’s truly the case that fixed/variable costs MAKES it that expensive, then they have big problems with their production process.
    If there IS a large profit involved, then they’re ripping us off.
    Neither are good.
    And yes, it could be done in software for a fraction of the cost, you could even create a USB hardware controller for less than a few hundred Euros that would provice EXACTLY the same haptic experience.

    • Jomox is a tiny Boutique company from Berlin where they develop and built the units. Jürgen Michaelis doesn’t produces the Alpha Base in masses, so they can’t drop the prices. The price is fine as I don’t know any recent drum machine on the market that offers analog drum synthesis, digital drum synthesis, and sampling in a signle unit. Plus analog filters, sequencing, and more.

  2. It’s true! It is very expensive!
    Another good option is the drum machine NAVA Extra 9.
    It is a clone/copy/version of a TR-909 but with many more synthesis parameters. You can also buy it assembled and calibrated in Italy (Elettrorama).
    I just want to help, I don’t want to break the rules here.

    • but not the same thing 😉 It’s just an analog drum machine based on the TR-909 while Jomox Alpha Base has analog drum synthesis, each part independent and super flexible, digital synthesis and sampling. This know how cost money.

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