Patterning 3: popular circular drum machine app gets a feature boost with AUv3

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Patterning 3, the third generation of Olympia Noise Co’s popular circular drum machine for iOS, will be released in May 2024 with new features, including AUv3 support.

Update: Patterning is available now on the Apple AppStore.


Article From April 6, 2024

I love the iOS operating system for music production and sound design tasks. Even more, since Apple introduced the AUv3 plugin format on its mobile devices. This was a game-changing moment. Apps with AUv3 could now be used in multiple instances, just like you are used to on a PC/Mac. 

The number of apps with AUv3 is growing every day. Also, many developers updated their older apps to join the Audio Unit party. It’s a good day for fans of the all-time favorite drum machine, Patterning. Version 3 is about to be released. This rebuild will have AUv3 support and many new creative features. 

Patterning 3

Patterning 3

You don’t dream. Olympia Noise Co, the developers of Patterning, are not out of business. They are fully in development on Patterning 3. The new version is currently in beta and is scheduled to launch end of May 2024.

The third version of Patterning will retain everything that made the app so popular among hardcore and casual iPad musicians. This includes the original, inspiring circular interface for quickly composing beats, easy-going parameter automation and randomization on the fly, and built-in effects to refine the tracks.

Of course, it also has the intuitive song mode, Ableton Live export functionality, and beloved extensive MIDI connectivity. 

With version 3, the developers are taking the app to the next level. One of these new level-up features is the AUv3 plugin support, integrating it into iPad hosts like Logic Pro, AUM, Cubasis, and more.

Thus, you can host and run multiple Patterning 3 instances in a single project. It also features support for both multi-channel audio output and MIDI, say the developers.

Patterning 3

Parametric Swing, Fill Patterns, and Modulation

AUv3 is just part of the new expanded feature set. Patterning 3 also introduces a novel approach to musical timing called parametric swing. With this, you can create beats with a unique, dynamic feel—from slightly off-kilter to wildly erratic, drunken beats. It’s a fresh take on groove and timing, promises Olympia Noise Co.

Then, it will offer a new fill patterns functionality. With a simple button press, the user can switch to an alternative “fill” version of their pattern, perfect for adding dramatic flair or transitioning between sections of a song. A function that is familiar from hardware drum machines like Roland TR-8S and others.

Another exciting upgrade for Patterning is the expanded modulation engine. You can apply LFOs, randomizers, and velocity macros to most parameters, allowing you to craft complex, evolving beat patterns. That sounds like a lot of fun, especially if you want to go beyond the classic drum machine grooves.

Oh yeah, there is also a new FX track in Pattering 3. Here, the developers open another layer of complexity in which you can animate/modulate the FX parameters. Manipulate effects over time to add movement, texture, and depth to your beats.

The third version also comes with support for multiple timelines for more varied compositions and an improved file manager. Additional track saturation, ring modulation, and a master compressor give you more ways to sculpt your sounds and tracks. Besides this, you benefit from workflow improvements, an updated UI, and more.

First Impression

There isn’t a Patterning 3 video demo yet, but from what I read on the feature sheet it sounds like a massive upgrade. It’s a shame that there won’t be synthesis in Patterning 3 either. The basis remains samples. Hope that P3 also comes as a macOS version. That would be another reason to buy the app. It will be a very fun end of May, I’m sure. 

Patterning 3 by Olympia Noise Co. will launch on May 24th, 2024. You can pre-order it now on the Apple AppStore for a special early-bird upgrade price of $19,99 (33% OFF) until April 19th, 2024.  Then, from April 20 to launch day, the discount will be 16.66% off the launch price ($24.99). The launch price will be $29,99.

It will run as a standalone app and AUv3 plugin on iPads and Apple Vision Pro.

More information here: Olympia Noise Co / AppStore 

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  1. Needs a vst3, I’d really like to use this to sequence everything.

    (I’ve tried hooking up the ipad to do it wired/wirelessly but it isn’t really ideal.)

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