HumbleTune Rymdigare, eye-catching, characterful texture multi-fx processor for iOS AUv3, now for macOS

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HumbleTune Rymdigare, an AUv3 multi-effects processor for iOS that transports your sounds in cozy, warm atmospheric spheres. 

Some apps always remain in the setup. One is the Rymdigare effect app from 2021, which quickly became one of my favorite effects processors on iOS.

Great news: Rymdigare is also available for macOS AUv3 in the Mac App store. It’s a free download for existing iOS users. It requires macOS 14.0 and Apple Silicon computers. Thanks, Eric Sigth, for this big update


Article From October 4, 2021

New iOS music apps are added every day, including new synthesizers, effects, etc. Some are highlights, while others tend to be followers that get little attention. We also know this from VST plugins.

But some releases captivate you from the first minute. One of these developers is Eric Sigth, also known as NumbleTune. Every release combines an excellent sound engine with a lovely interface that simply inspires and invites you to experiment. His new app Rymdigare continues exactly there.

HumbleTune Rymdigare

HumbleTune Rymdigare

Erik Sigth’s new app Rymdigare is not just another multi-effects processor, it’s more a visual adventure through textures. This is possible thanks to a beautiful, detail-rich user interface that is more than just a series of knobs and sliders. It’s visually a feast for the eyes that wants to tell us a story. Well, there is a story that Erik tells us:

During a routine mining expedition in the outer regions of the galaxy five mysterious boxes of unknown origin were found. Rumours among the workers spread quickly that there was a strange feeling being around these boxes, as if time flows in a different way, not just forward but sometimes also folding back on itself. The miners nicknamed them, the five boxes of reverberation. After the excavation process, to study them more closely, it was decided to transport them back to earth.

HumbleTune Rymdigare

Rymdiare is not alone in this. There is something very special about all of HumbleTune’s apps like Tardigrain, strng and others. You quickly feel at home, almost like in a children’s room just for sound experiments.


Rymdiare takes the user on a sonic adventure and also your sounds. The engine has different effects, which, in combination, embed all sounds with a lush, warm character. The core uses a reverb built from 5 reverberation boxes with control options for the length, ratio, tail, and skew parameters. It also has an internal feedback parameter for swelling tails. Step 1 makes your sounds float.

There is also a built-in octave shifter to make sounds more organic and wild. The resonant filter offers you an additional shaping level. And for the extra option of crush, it includes a speed and level degrader. Rymdiare has 4 LFOs for modulating a selection of different parameters, including the LFO speeds themselves. Perfect to add movement and soul to your sounds.

The perfect coordination between the effects makes this processor utterly unique. It is not a collection of algorithms in an app but effects that perfectly harmonize with each other. How to use the app depends on each musician. It works as a reverb, but it can also turn any sound into a drone and noisescape.

The app runs standalone and offers Inter-App Audio and AudioBus connectivity. It is also a mighty AUv3 plugin that allows you to run multiple instances of Rymdiare in a track. MIDI including Bluetooth MIDI is supported via Core MIDI. IAA and AUv3 versions also fully support MIDI.

Erik Sigth has probably developed one of the most exciting apps of 2021. A lot of fun, both visually and sonically. It puts a smile on your face immediately.

HumbleTune (Erik Sigth) rymdigare is available now for $4.99 USD on the Apple App Store, runs on iPhones/iPads, and includes an AUv3 app version.

More information here: Apple Store 

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