HyperSynth Hcard-101 expands your Korg M1, WS, DS8 or A1 with more external memory

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HyperSynth Hcard-101 is a new multibank memory card that seamlessly expands the external memory of the Korg M1, WS, DS8, or A1 synthesizers.

Internal memory for sound patches in synthesizers used to be very limited. That’s because the technology didn’t have more capacity in the early digital synth days. So-called cartridges offered more memory for patches without changing the internals of the synth. Korg MCR-03 RAM, for example, offered extra memory for the M1, wave stations, and other synths.

But just like the synths, these memory cards are are and very limited today compared to today’s options. Hypersynth, known for its Hcards, has now presented an unofficial successor for the Korg card. 

HyperSynth Hcard-101

HyperSynth Hcard-101

Hcard-101 is a new multibank memory card that expands the external memory of the Korg M1, WS, DS8, and A1 synthesizers. According to HyperSynth, it seamlessly replaces the discontinued Korg MCR-03 RAM card. Besides the listed synths, it also offers compatibility with the rack units, T1 – T3, and more.

The memory card boasts the capacity to store up to 126 data banks. However, these are shared locations and segmented into 64 banks for the M1, 40 WS banks, 24 DS8 banks, and 16 for the A1.

The new Hypersynth card offers many modern features compared to the original Korg MCR-03. In addition to more memory, it has a touchpad for switching between banks, an adaptive display, and various handy management features. 

This includes an independent “memory protection” option for each bank, offering protection without locking the entire card. You can customize the names of the banks, copy banks easily, and more.

Hypersynth Hcard 101

Exclusive M1 Features

Hypersynth also promises that it comes with M1 exclusive features, including:

  • Format Decoding: Displays the format of the selected bank on the main screen.(100prg/100cmb, 50prg/50cmb/4200seq, 7700seq).
  • Capture Program: Presents valuable details about the chosen program, including its compatibility with M1/M1EX, or any requirements for an external PCM card.
  • List Program: Showcases 8 program names simultaneously, allowing for quick access and browsing of desired sounds.
  • Bank Info: Provides a comprehensive report highlighting the number of programs in the chosen bank that utilize M1 waveforms, M1EX waveforms, or External PCM card waveforms.

On the other side, users of the original Wavestation can benefit from an exclusive dynamic update feature. It automatically updates the card name on the Wavestation display upon selecting a new bank on the Hcard.

H-card 101 is mounted in a CNC metal case sporting a scratch-resistant grey anodized finish. It operates without a battery, so no extra power cable is needed. 

Further, it ships with 73 pre-loaded soundbanks, featuring many of the rarest Korg ROM cards and factory preload data for supported synthesizers. I don’t know if Korg likes to hear that, or whether it is legal to distribute patches in a non-Korg product.

In addition, H-card 101 includes 11 categorized banks specifically for M1, stamped with the HyperSynth signature.

First Impression

A product that users of these vintage synths will certainly be happy about. The price is certainly high, but it is an extremely niche product where you don’t sell tons. Great release. 

Hypersynth Hcard-101 is available now for $220/ 269€. 

More information here: Hypersynth 

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  1. This looks awesome! I have the Hypercard for my DX7 MKII and it’s great. I’d love to see a version for my DX with these boss level UI enhancements.

  2. Hypersynth is amazing, and I am glad he can keep himself busy in such a niche corner like this! I got my hands on a Xenophone, which, through his love for the Alesis ION and Andromeda, has a few nods to those beasts… <3 I'd love another synth by his hands, but even if he doesn't do another one, I am happy with the modest legacy of that little gnarly thing on my desk!

  3. It’s great to see that our vintage synths that are still relevant as top tier instruments are not forgotten, however, for the KORG Wavestation that card has Performance banks but no PCM banks and it can’t store custom waveforms.

    Even if it is an awesome project, I am not so sure it’s worth 250 bucks for the Wavestate.

    Yes, it has 40 banks to store 2 000 performances, that’s huge, but a m1Ram.com card is more affordable and works fine for 50 performances, then you can send Sysex from a computer to update performances at will. Do we need 2 000 custom patches at once? If yes, that card is the grail. If not…

    Even if Hypersynth adds custom PCM, as the Wavestation has two slots for two cards, the bill rises at 500 bucks.

    And the screen is at the back of the instrument and protrudes.

    On the other hand, it looks impressive for KORG M1 users, pretty much perfect for this keyboard.

    Now that WaveREX is dead, it is a better alternative to m1Ram for the M1. Alas, not for the Wavestation.

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