Hypersynth Launched Hcard Series For Yamaha DX Series & Roland D-50 Synthesizer!

More Patch Memory For The Yamaha Yamaha DX-7, DX-7 II & Roland D-50!

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Hypersynth has introduced today the Hcard series that will expand the storage of the Yamaha DX series and Roland D-50 Synthesizer. Hcards have a larger capacity than the original instruments memory and are equipped with a micro USB port for connecting to an external display called “H-Display”.

It’s currently under development and helps you to get a better overview of the patches. A great new product from Hypersynth in my opinion with which you can upgrade your vintage synths.

Hcard_750_1L Hcard_702_1L Hcard_701_1L


Hcards are multibank memory cards that are designed to expand the memory of Yamaha’s DX series and Roland’s D-50. Hcards have no internal battery, can store up to 100 banks and available in 3 models:

Every card comes with the default factory soundbanks plus many different soundbanks which selected carefully out of thousands available free DX banks. The Hcard-750 comes with 63 formatted banks which are filled with default preset. These sounds banks are categorized in a way to simplify the workflow of sound selection.

Hcard-702 (Yamaha DX7II-D/FD)


  • Hcard-701 Memory size: Up to 100 banks (3200 presets).
  • Hcard-702 Memory size: Up to 100 banks (6400 presets).
  • Hcard-750 Memory size: Up to 64 banks (6400 presets).
  • Instant access to different banks using touch buttons.
  • Two digits bank indicator display.
  • No need for battery.
  • Hidden “Memory Protect” option.
  • Hcard-701: Drop in replacement for Yamaha “data RAM” and “Voice ROM” cartridge.
  • Hcard-702: Drop in replacement for Yamaha “RAM4” and “DATA ROM” cartridge.
  • Hcard-750: Drop in replacement for Roland “M-256” and “DATA ROM” card.
  • Pre-programmed sound-banks.
  • External display support.

H-Display External LCD Display:

Regarding the technology limitations, most of the iconic instruments built in the 80ies suffer from weak UIs and small displays. For instance, everyone knows how it is hard and time consuming to preview presets one by one and find a preset with a specific name in a DX7 or D-50. To address this issue, Hcards are equipped with a micro USB port for connecting to an external display called “H-Display”.

Hypersynth H-Display

H-Display automatically reads the current bank, previews all preset names and highlights the active preset. Sound selection and bank management will be much easier than before. It is under development now, but all the Hcards that are sold now are compatible with the H-Display Protocol.

Hypersynth Hcard-701 and 702 are available now for 91€/$104 USD and Hcard-750 for 95€/$109 USD from the Hypersynth web store.

More information here: Hypersynth

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