Giorgio Sancristoforo Full Blotter, an ambient drone generator with long grains

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Giorgio Sancristoforo Full Blotter is a new ambient mega drone generator powered by a granular engine using long grains. 

Giorgio Sancristoforo, creator of experimental sound design apps like Ongaku, Bento, and Berna3. With these, he goes his very own development way. Instead of letting the list of plugins grow even more, Giorgio only makes standalone apps. So DAWless music production but on a computer.

The latest release is called Full Blotter and is an ambient drone factory application with a unique engine with granular and filtering. 

Giorgio Sancristoforo Full Blotter

Giorgio Sancristoforo Full Blotter

Like its previous releases, this is a standalone app, not a VST plugin. So, for routing audio to your DAW, use a virtual audio driver like Blackhole or Loopback.

The engine is based on granular synthesis. However, it’s not a traditional granular engine with tiny grains. Full Blotter instead uses a few (ten) very large grains which have sizes of several seconds. 

Then, Giorgio’s algorithm integrates transients and time and transforms any audio file into a lush, psychedelic, ambient drone storm. Compared to the developer’s other apps, this is a very simple one. Simply drag and drop a file into the waveform window, and the engine will do the rest of the job.

Don’t worry; you can tweak the engine to a good extent that it’s more than just a one-trick pony thing. For example, you can choose the section in the waveform windows the engine will granularize. Alternatively, you can also press random to let the software choose this. 

Granular Process With Filtering

There are various other grain-related parameters, including speed, duration, variation, pitch, and pitch variation. Full Blotter also has various built-in filters. One right after the granular processor is a second-order lowpass filter to cut the high frequencies out of your drones. 

Another six bandpass filters (three per audio channel) are located after the lowpass filter, allowing you to dive deep into sound design. They are always in movement and offer overall gain and resonance of the filters but not the center frequency. This is because the filters are created to sweep randomly.

Further, it has an output parametric EQ after the bandpass filters and a multi-effects section at the end of the signal path. Here, you can find a stereo delay and reverbs that run in parallel. Intriguing, the stereo delay has a random function that randomly controls the volume of the delays.

Last but not least, you get a built-in audio recorder. 

First Impression 

The features, consisting of granular and filtering make you want to experiment. Looking forward to the first demos and my own experimentation with Giorgio’s new app.

Giorgio Sancristoforo Full Blotter is available now for 19,50€ as a standalone app for macOS. The Windows version will be available soon.

More information here: GS 

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