New Dillon Bastan bundle gives you a deep dive into Max For Live for free

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Dillon Bastan has released the free bundle that gives you all his super creative, inspiring free Max For Live devices in a single download.

Max For Live is a fantastic environment baked into Ableton Live. It offers users an epic range of creative tools ranging from unique synths, samplers, and effects to experimental MIDI generators, FX, and more. The community that has formed around this environment deserves particular credit.

It constantly supplies the users with new devices, free or commercial. A developer who became a shooting star in the M4L field is Dillon Bastan. There have been a lot of exciting commercial devices over the last few years that I have constantly reported on. His journey, however, began with free devices, which he has now combined into a one-download free bundle. 

Dillon Bastan free bundle

Dillon Bastan Free Bundle

Right at the beginning, it must say that the new free bundle does not have any new Max For Live devices. It only combines the current free devices in a convenient bundle. With the advantage that you don’t have to download each one individually.

However, I want to focus on this bundle because all the beginnings are difficult, even with Max For Live. Hundreds of devices are on the net, but where do you start? Dillon Bastan’s new release is a perfect kick-off, in my opinion. 

It is an exceptional package with various M4L instruments, effects, and other tools at no cost. The devices are very experimental and explorative. Somewhat bizarre also. The following Max For Live devices are included:

  • Fractal filters: a unique 50-band filterbank that uses a visualization of Julia Set fractals 
  • Strange Mod: an experimental 3D modulator using strange or chaotic attractors 
  • Cellular Degradation: a wild polyphonic tone generator/synth that uses cellular automation
  • Swarmalators T: a swarm Synthesizer device
  • Swarmalators N: a swarm MIDI generator device
  • Spectral Attractors: a unique device that uses a physics simulation and a phase vocoder
  • Screaming Janus: a chaotic sound generator that uses a simulation of Janus Bunch oscillators and a bank of brutal oscillators
  • Markov Variations: a unique tool to transitions between Ableton Live variations using Markov Chains
  • Logistic Mod: a modulator device that uses a model of the chaotic logistic map
  • Image2Wavetable: a tool that turn an image into a wavetable for the Ableton Live Wavetable synth.

Not “More Of The Same” 


The new bundle offers anything but ordinary M4L devices. Users who have never used M4L will have their eyes opened with these tools. It shows what is possible with the environment. I gives you tools that are not or rarely available in plugins. Tools that are made for experimenting with audio and MIDI. Don’t miss this download.

Dillon Bastan free bundle is available now as a free download from the official website. The devices requires Ableton Live 10+ Suite or Live 10+ Standard plus a Max For Live license. 

More information here: Dillon Bastan 

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