Punk Labs OneTrick Urchin, this synth plugin simulates the process of sampled drums

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Punk Labs OneTrick Urchin is a new hybrid drum Synthesizer plugin that simulates drums being recorded, played back, and chopped.

Drums are a big part of every track, no matter the genre. Techno without banging drums would be no techno track. Unlike in the past, you can easily put drums together these days. In the past, sounds were recorded with hardware drum machines or with real drums.

Today it’s different. There are countless samples from nearly every drum machine that you can download for free or commercially buy. If you want to have something of your own, you can use a drum Synthesizer and craft your own beats using synthesis methods. Punk Labs released their third drum synth today. It is very colorful and has a special concept.

Punk Labs OneTrick Urchin

Punk Labs OneTrick Urchin

OneTrick Urchin is a new multi-channel drum synth plugin that is described as a hybrid drum synth modeling gritty lo-fi beats without sampling. 

The core consists of a spectral synthesis and physical modeling drum engine that runs through a simulated studio reverb, a vinyl, or a tape player, and finally in a digital sampler.

It’s an intriguing and unusual signal path, for sure. This core is capable of simulating drums being recorded, played back, and chopped.

Punk Labs has divided the engine into different areas and made it completely tweakable per instrument for the user. OneTrick Urchin hosts seven fully customizable drum instruments.

The Kick, for example, gives you control over the strike, drum timbre, shell, resonance, mixer, filter, and chop settings. On top, you have full control over the other sections of the signal paths.

A neat functionality is modifying the playback speed that the drums were sampled on the fly. With these, you can achieve interesting ideas.

Further, it offers multi- or stereo-output support, giving you much flexibility for real-time processing and recording in your DAW. The engine is fully automatable via your DAW with MIDI CC. 

A nice extra: the plugin has no DRM (copy protection), and the code is open-source licensed under the GPLv3 for anyone to inspect, adapt, and learn from. 

Punk Labs ships the plugin with a preset browser with tags and editing options. Plus, you can find 20 factory-preset kits to start right away here. A sound demo is available on the website.

First Impression

The OneTrick series is being expanded with a third drum synth plugin. This one is just as special and independent as the two previous ones. I’m happy to see that more specific ideas also find their home in plugins. 

Punk Labs OneTrick Urchin is available now for $79.  It runs as a VST3, AU, and CLAP plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows.

More information here: Punk Labs 

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