Cableguys ShaperBox 3.5, rhythmic multi-FX with new distortion and filtering options


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Cableguys ShapeBox 3 is the 3rd version of its powerful rhythmic multi-fx plugin with a new Liquid Shaper, new audio triggering, and more.

Update: The Cableguys developers have a great gift for all Shaperbox 3 users for Christmas. They just published ShaperBox 3.5 with new features.

The DriveShaper core now has a smooth clip mode that warms up your sounds. Additionally, the FilterShaper core gets two new functions that expand its sonic capability.

First, it now has resonance distortion control. It simulates the overdriven behavior of analog filters if you push the hardware. I can imagine that it’s great for crunching filtering effects. Secondly, the filters can now self-oscillators.

Besides wild filtering effects, you can also use it as an oscillator to design all kinds of sounds like kicks, zaps, bleeps, bloops, and more.

And in case, you don’t have ShaperBox 3.5, it’s now on Holiday Sale for $89/89€. All in all, an excellent free update for existing customers. 


Article From October 25, 2022 

Modulations are essential to make music varied and interesting. If you combine modulations with effects, you can delve very deeply into the sound design. One of the top dogs in this area is the ShaperBox plugin from the German company Cableguys.

The highlight of ShapeBox is the extreme customizability of the modulations. Not only can you work with classic LFOs, envelopes… you can set the points where the chosen effect has an impact and where it doesn’t. Thanks to its fully adatapble shapes, you can create your dream modulation paths.

Cableguys ShaperBox 3

The journey continues with ShaperBox 3 and Cableguys have made the whole shaping fun even more extensive.

Cableguys ShaperBox 3

First on the shapers. All 8 shapers from the previous version are included again in the Shaperbox 3 bundle. A newcomer is the LiquidShaper which is a new evolving jet-plane-based flanger/phaser effect.

It is powered by the same shaper engine with all its beloved benefits, including customizable modulation shapes, MIDI tracking, envelope follwing gives you instant reaction to dynamics, and more. Cableguys promises results that take you far beyond the traditional like gentle stereo modulations or epic robotic comb filter effects, and more. Also the shaper got improvements:

  • VolumeShaper: Lookahead pre-smoothing for click-free MIDI/Audio sidechaining.
  • LiquidShaper: Positive/negative feedback mode for rich and hollow timbres.
  • CrushShaper: Dynamic Treble control for compensating harshness.
  • TimeShaper: Time offset display for easier visualization

Transient Shaping

In addition to a new shaper, there are many new features to explore. One super interesting is the new audio triggering functionality aka audio mode where the LFO restarts with each transient. This transforms Shapernbox into an transient editor and rhythm tracking creative effect with three unique algorithms: drums, general and complex. This opens up the door for intensive transient processing.

Then, the new audio triggering function also brings brand-new sidechain functionalities. With the new external sidechain input, you can trigger modulation events on specific parts of a track. There is also a new sidechain view giving you more a precise overview and workflow of the process.

Easier Editing, New Browser…

ShaperBox 3 also introduces a major upgrade for its internal waveform drawing tool. According to Cableguys, it’s easier and faster then before thanks to a new powerful pointer tool and more. Interesting that this has been improved. I found that in SB2 very straighforward.

Cableguys also added a new browser that makes it easy to find the presets you need. Including various clear categorizations for the presets and fast filtering. ShaperBox 3 now also has a separate multiband compressor that you can insert anywhere in the Shaper chain. Perfect for putting the most complex shaper chains under dynamic control.

The master mix algorithm also got an update with improved mix/bypass for more smooth dry to wet morphs without multiband phasing artefacts. Plus, there is a new master bypass button. ShaperBox 3 also brings analog-style envelopes with new envelope followers with improved adaptive release mode. Also the

First Impression

ShaperBox is one of the most exciting multi-FX plugins on the market. It’s not packed with algorithms, but its modulation engine makes it superior to many of its competitor. Being able to paint your own movements and timing them to the point when the effect is activated makes it super flexible.

And by pairing effects with intensive modulations, you can also generate timbres from these classic processors that are otherwise not possible. This is another impressive update for the ShaperBox plugin.

Cableguys ShaperBox 3 Bundle is available now for $89 USD/89€ (Black Friday price) including all 9 shapers. Single shapers starts at $29 USD/29€. Upgrades are available in your user account and if you bought ShaperBox 2 bundle after September 1st, 2022, the upgrade is free of charge. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows.

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