Monomono Volume One, new M4L vintage tape, compressor, and EQ devices

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Monomono Volume One is a new bundle with three quality vintage-inspired M4L devices: tape FX, compressor, and curves EQ. 

Max for Live is an often underestimated sound design environment. It’s embedded in Ableton Live and is extremely versatile.

The new Bundle Volume One from Monomono shows how impressive tools can be for M4L. And are often cheaper than VST plugins

Monomono Volume One

Monomono Volume One

Volume One is a new, fascinating collection of vintage-inspired Max For Live tools for sound design, mixing & mastering. Not only are the designs of this new M4L beautiful, but the built-in functions are also impressive. Great, they are also compatible with Push 3 Standalone. 

Curve EQ is an equalizer M4L device that takes inspiration from vintage and modern hardware devices. Mainly, it brings the spirit of iconic Pultec EQ  design (EQP-1A3) to Ableton Live. Plus, Monomono expanded it with functions for modern production. The features are:

  • simultaneous low-frequency boost and cut
  • a warm, vintage-like transformer output sound or a clear, contemporary output stage.
  • a high-pass filter for precise low-frequency sculpting.
  • adjustable saturation levels, or opt for a clean, transparent signal.

Then, Optocomp is a vintage-inspired compressor for M4L à la LA-2A with a distinct warm character and based on a feedback design. According to the developer, it’s easy to setup. Just push the input to get more compression and makeup with the output gain.

It offers: 

  • vintage tone: emulates renowned optical compressors.
  • analog output stage: capture the magic of transformer and tube saturation.
  • flexible controls: high-pass sidechain, channel summing for stereo operation, and blend dial for parallel compression.

Further Tape is a versatile coloring FX device inspired by classic Studer tape decks. It captures the spirit and character of tape recordings in a convenient package for modern sonic explorations.

Three tape deck emulations are available, each with two playback speed options, unique saturation curves and matching frequeny responses. They also have authentic tape hiss profiles for additional authenticity. 

First Impression

Three excellent M4L devices that bring vintage-like production techniques to Ableton Live.  The tape device with which you can drag your sounds into the past is particularly tempting. 

Isotonik Studios Volume One is available now for 42€. The M4L devices are also available individually for 19€ each. 

More information here: Isotonik Studios

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