Black Friday 2023, the best deals on hardware synths, Eurorack, and more Update: Nov 27 (5:25AM)

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Summary of all Black Friday 2023 deals on music tech hardware synths, drum machines, Eurorack modules, studio equipment, and more. 

Finally, it’s Black Friday week. The week with the best deals of the year. That’s the promise of the industry. Big discounts on plugins and apps are already available. You can find a summary of the best plugin deals here.

Black Friday is also the event for good hardware discounts. 80% OFF on a hardware synth is not to be expected. They will be between 10% and 20%, with exceptions also 40% – 50%. Shops like Thomann, SoundOfYou, Perfect Circuit, and Sweetwater have already started their Black sales.

Black Friday 2023 hardware synths

Black Friday Hardware Deals

SYNTH ANATOMY helps you to see through the discount jungle. In such wild times, there is a high risk that you only look at the percentages and not at the dealer. Don’t pay attention, and you’ve bought something at a fake shop.

To protect you from these websites, I summarize the best and legal Black Friday 2023 deals on hardware synths & music tech from trustable partner and non-partner shops like Thomann, Schneidersladen, Perfect Circuit, and more . Further, I categorized them by name, discount, type, and shop, offering you a convenient source to find the perfect deal.

The list will be updated daily. (Update Nov 27, 05:25 AM) Feel free to visit the list more often because new deals are constantly added.

Behringer Toro13% OFFSynthesizersThomann
Behringer Clocked Sequential Ctrl. 102710% OFFEurorackThomann
Black Corporation ISE-NIN14% OFFSynthesizersThomann
SOMA Enner Red6% OFFSynthesizersThomann
Behringer TD-3-RD16% OFFSynthesizersThomann
Behringer TD-3-GP16% OFFSynthesizersThomann
Korg Minilogue bass12% OFFSynthesizersThomann
Behringer Vocoder VC34013% OFFSynthesizersThomann
Behringer RD-6-TG13% OFF (115€ last price) Drum MachinesThomann
Black Corporation Deckard´s Dream MKII9,29% OFFSynthesizersThomann
Behringer RD-97% OFFDrum MachinesThomann
UDO Audio Super 6 Blue7% OFFSynthesizersThomann
Korg opsix SE Platinum7% OFFSynthesizersThomann
M-Audio M-Game Solo40% OFFAudio Interface (Gaming)Thomann
M-Game RGB Dual55% OFFAudio Interface (Gaming)Thomann
DOCtron IMC23% OFFmastering box (Stimming)Thomann
Thomann Cyberweek Sale60% OFF (Up To)Synthesizers, Eurorack, Effects, Audio interfacesThomann Black Deals-Synthesizers, Eurorack, Effects, Audio
Sweetwater Black Friday Sale70% OFF (Up To)Synthesizers, Eurorack, Effects, Audio InterfacesSweetwater
Perfect Circuit Black Friday SaleUse CIRCUIT10 to get 10% OFF on non-sale itemsSynthesizers, Eurorack, Effects, Audio InterfacesPerfect Circuit
Moog 60HP Powered Eurorack Case50% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Dreadbox Black Friday30% OFF SynthesizersDreadbox
Bastl Instruments Black Friday Sale40% OFF (Up To) (starting 24 Nov)Synthesizers
Bastl Instruments
Qu-Bit Electronix Black Friday Sale15% OFF with code HOLI-DUNEEurorackQu-Bit Electronix
Noise Engineering Black Friday Sale15% OFFEurorack
Noise Engineering
Perfect Circuit Black Friday Sale50% OFF (Up To)Synthesizers, Eurorack, Effects, Audio interfacesPerfect Circuit
Perfect Circuit Black Friday Sale10% OFF using code CIRCUIT10 on non-sale productsSynthesizers, Eurorack, Effects, Audio interfacesPerfect Circuit
Sweetwater Black Friday Sale75% OFF (Up To)Synthesizers, Effects, Audio interfacesSweetwater
Norand Morphos20,1% OFF
24% OFF
Perfect Circuit
Oberheim OB-X813% OFFSynthesizersSchneidersladen
Novation Circuit Rhythm30% OFF (Up To) (list price)GrooveboxesAmazon
Novation Circuit Tracks22% OFF (Up To) (list price)GrooveboxesAmazon
Donner B1 14% OFFSynthesizersAmazon
Korg NTS-117% OFFSynthesizersAmazon
Omiindustriies Cascading Register16% OFFEurorackSchneidersladen
Qu-Bit Electronix Nebulae 216% OFFEurorackSchneidersladen
Snazzy FX Telephone Game20% OFFEurorackSchneidersladen
Sonocurrent M C3A15% OFFEurorackSchneidersladen
TINRS Ardabil + Switch (Combo)14% OFFEurorackSchneidersladen
Thomas Henry Designs Mega Percussive Synth32% OFFEurorackSchneidersladen
Apollo View Modular Curiouser17% OFFEurorackSchneidersladen
Audio Gear Obsession Dynamic Engine12% OFFEurorackSchneidersladen
Datanoise OctaWave14% OFFAudio InterfaceSchneidersladen
Empress Effects Heavy22% OFFEffectsSchneidersladen
Empress Effects Tape Delay21% OFFEffectsSchneidersladen
Eventide MicroPitch18% OFFEffectsSchneidersladen
Dato DUO8,8% OFFSynthesizersDato
Pittsburgh Modular BF Sale20% OFF (Up To)EurorackPittsburgh Modular
Signal Sounds (UK) Black Friday Sale50% OFF (Up To)Synthesizers, Eurorack, Effects, Audio interfacesSignal Sounds
Woodbrass (France) Black Friday Sale60€ OFF (Up To) with codesSynthesizers, Effects, Audio InterfacesWoodbrass (FR)
Arturia Polybrute 20% OFFSynthesizersWoodbrass (FR)
Korg Minilogue Bass22% OFFSynthesizersWoodbrass (FR)
Kurzweil PC416% OFFSynthesizersWoodbrass (FR)
UAFX Pedals25% OFF (Up To)EffectsThomann
Woodbrass (France)
JHS Pedals Black Friday Sale25% OFFEffectsSweetwater
2HP Modules20% OFF (Up To)EurorackSweetwater
Eventide Misha33,39% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit Shuttle System30% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
AJH Synth MiniMod Keyz Modular Synthesizer18% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
AUZA Wave Packets Wave Source18% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Digital Signal Processor19% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
2HP Launchboxes Modular Systems50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
After Later Audio Blend50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
After Later Audio DVCA 1U50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
Antimatter Audio Crossfold50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
Antimatter Audio Launch Codes Expander50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
Arturia Minilab MKII 50% OFFMIDI ControllerSignal Sounds
Bastl Instruments Dynamo (Silver)50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
Bastl Instruments Dynamo (Wood)50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
Bastl Instruments Knit Rider 50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
Bastl Instruments Knit RIder Expander50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
Bastl Instruments Popcord Expanders50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
Doepfer A-1380V50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
Korg opsix50% OFFSynthesizersSignal Sounds
LA67 MACA Filter50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
Mobula Mobular RotLFO 50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
Norand Mono50% OFFSynthesizersSignal Sounds
Velectronic A-Envelope50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
Vintage Synth Lab D-ENV50% OFFEurorackSignal Sounds
XOR Electronics Black Friday Sale23% OFF (use code BF2023)EurorackXOR Electronics
Native Instruments Maschine+14% OFFGrooveboxThomann
Perfect Circuit
Roland TR-0625% OFFDrum MachinesPerfect Circuit
Modal Electronics COBALT5S20% OFFSynthesizersPerfect Circuit
Erica Synths Black Friday Sale30% OFF (Up To)Synthesizers
Erica Synths
Black Corporation Black Friday Sale20% OFFSynthesizersBlack Corporation
Konstant Lab Black Friday Sale30% OFF (Up To)EurorackKonstant Lab
Chase Bliss15% OFFEffectsChase Bliss Running Order 1U Two-Track Trigger Sequencer19% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Rare Waves Grendel Formant Filter V2.220% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Boredbrain Music Mimix Multiple + Unity Mixer Utility23% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
AJH Synth Sample Hold & Slew30% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Patching Panda Punch V3 Dual VCA + Decay20% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Doepfer A-141-2 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator20% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Hikari Instruments Dual LFO23% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
WMD Legion Analog Oscillator18% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
AJH Synth MiniMod CV Mixer + Offset + VCA32% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
AJH Synth Finaliser R-EQ Reverb + Equalizer + Enhancer25% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
ADDAC System ADDAC702 Dual VC Filter23% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit Total Recall Preset Manager + Macro Controller17% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Plum Audio RECT 1U Wave Rectifier23% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Animal Factory Tannhäuser Gates Stereo Performance Mixer30% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Tenderfoot Electronics Source and Confluence VCO + Wavemixer Expander24% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Doepfer A-188-1A BBD Delay - 512 Stages32% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Extralife Instruments Super Sixteen Sequencer31% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Plum Audio 1uT_u 4ROBOTS Temps Utile24% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Erica Synths Black Mixer V223% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Qu-Bit Electronix Contour Quad Envelope30% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Qu-Bit Electronix Chance Random Generator30% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Mosaic Snare Drum32% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Sonocurrent M C3A Crossfade Array19% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Mosaic Line Output23% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Shakmat Modular Jeweler Cast Wave Warping Tool25% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Jolin Lab Getrekt Touch-Controlled Waveshaper23% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Eowave Germania 241 VCA Mk221% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Doepfer A-188-1B BBD Delay - 1024 Stages20% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Doepfer A-100PBK Base Eurorack Case + Keyboard30% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Erica Synths Quadraphonic Surround Panner Modular System20% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Tenderfoot Electronics OMFG Oblique Multipurpose Function Generato31% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Noise Lab Prime Mover Analog VCO37% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Malekko Heavy Industry Manther Growl Analog Voice23% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Noise Lab Wrinkler Wave Shaper36% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Future Sound Systems OSC1 Cyclical Engine26% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
ACL KAZU V2 Eurorack Power Supply25% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Division 6 Filtare SEIII Multimode Filter26% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Frequency Central System X Filter46% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
L-1 Discrete Basic VCO Triangle-Core Oscillator26% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Blue Lantern Phobos Lunar VCF25% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
IO Instruments Carpo Triple Headphone Amplifier36% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit
Behringer Dual-Phase 41% OFFEffectsAndertons
Behringer SYSTEM 3526% OFFEurorackAndertons
Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth Range18,7% (Up Do)SynthesizersPerfect Circuit
Dreadbox Nymphes25% OFF SynthesizersThomann


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    • thanks! to track down every hardware deal is a nightmare as they don’t have end dates like plugins. But I will remove it 🙂

  1. Average for software, no great deal. Worth nothing for hardware, just bad or useless stuff. Black Friday is dead 🙁

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