AMSynths AM8060SE, the analog filter of the Roland Jupiter 6 (JP6) for Eurorack

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AMSynths AM8060SE is an authentic replica and Eurorack adaption of the iconic Roland Jupiter 6 analog multimode filter.

The past 40 – 50 years have produced a lot of Synthesizer history. Above all, technical innovations that we can still find in Synthesizers today. These include legendary oscillators, filter designs, etc. Many of today’s synth designs are based on concepts and ideas from these classics. Yes, also many Eurorack modules.

Rob Keeble aka AMSynths from the UK, has specialized in reproducing these classics as Eurorack modules in small series. His latest release is the Jupiter-6 filter as a module.

AMSynths AM8060SE JP6 VCF

AMSynths AM8060SE

The Jupiter-6 filter is different than the one in the Jupiter-8. It is a bit more aggressive and characterful. The AM8060SE is an authentic analog replica of this multimode filter from 1983. 

It features the same two-state variable filters, with each of the 2-pole filters switchable into either lowpass or high pass mode. They provide three VCF modes, all with variable resonance: 24dB LP, 24dB HP, and 12dB BP, with two versions.

According to AMSynths, the AM8060SE is a reissue and revision of the AM8060 JP6 VCF module, initially released in 2010. It uses Rpar AS3109 chips and offers a revised resonance control circuit.

The module can be operated manually with the seven black aluminum knobs and Roland JP-6 style momentary buttons with LEDs or via CV. For the CV operation (0 to +10V), it has two CV inputs for the filters and a socket for the resonance.

First Impression

Unfortunately, there is no sound demo, but I’m sure the filter sounds very good. Rob Keeble is known for doing good work. It’s not a groundbreaking new filter, but it’s nice to have it in Eurorack format.

AMSynths AM8060SE is available soon for an intro price of £139 instead of £160. 

More information here: AMSynths

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