Deal: save up to 23% OFF KORG wavestate SE and opsix SE, first big price drop

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DEAL: for a limited time, you can save up to 23% OFF on the KORG wavestate SE, opsix SE, and limited editions, it’s the first big price drop.

Last June, Korg released the long-awaited wavestate SE, opsix SE, and limited Platinum versions of both synths. Even though there was great anticipation for a bigger version, the release backfired. This is mainly due to the asking price of 2199€ or $1999,99. In €, it’s 144% more than the initial wavestate or opsix.

Many predicted fast price reductions. They were right. The first downward price changes are here.

Deal Korg wavestate SE opsix SE

Deal Korg wavestate SE/opsix

Starting with the US. Here you can get at Korg USA Reverb Direct shop a 20% OFF discount on the wavestate SE and opsix SE, resulting in a price of $1599,99 instead of $1999,99. The Platinum versions are also on sale with 18,8% OFF now available for $1799,99 instead of $2199,99.

In Europe, the price of the opsix fell increasingly every month. From its ambitious starting price of 2199,99€ to 1689€ at Muziker in Slovakia. This is a 23% discount after just five months on the market. With a “Cyber Monday” discount, you get it for 1669€.  

The Wavestate SE is currently priced at €1829 at Muziker, a 15% discount compared to the starting price. At Thomann the opsix SE at €1888 and the wavestate SE at €2099 (down from 2199€). Not a deal.

The Platinum editions are also already available at a discount. At Muziker, you can get the wavestate SE PL and opsix SE PL each for €1919 instead of €2399 (official price) with a 20% discount. The discounts at Thomann are rather weak on this one.

This tells us that the SE versions are not a huge success. It’s also interesting to see that neither Perfect Circuit nor Sweetwater have the SE versions in their product catalog. Were they removed from the range due to low demand, or how did this happen?

These prices are limited in time. No information on how long these deals will be valid. 

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  1. Korg likes to smell their own savory farts. In Canada Korg is asking $2800 for the SE model. Not in a million years!! Long & Mcquade can’t even unload the original Wavestate’s for $700 Canadian and they are also offering used Wavestates for $500. Their inventory is not decreasing. I would gladly offer $1200 Canadian for a Wavestate SE.

  2. This is hilarious. I believe customers are holding back their hard earned dollars. Image you can buy a 32 OSC OB clone from Behringer for $1200US and Korg wants to charge you $2000-$2200US for a Raspberry pi 4 compute module, a sh#tty oled screen, encoders all encased in a metal housing. BTW both Korg and Behringer provides Poly aftertouch but Behringer does it for $1200.

    • Korg SE Synths feature polyphonic aftertouch in the engine but the keybed is monophonic aftertouch not polyphonic

  3. I was curious regarding the pricing. I looked online at a Japanese shop and the SE was going for 176,000 yen which is roughly $1240 US or $1550 Canadian. I heard Japan is nice this time of year. 🙂

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