Spectral Shiatsu, a free M4L spectral Synthesizer made for Sensel Morph

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Spectral Shiatsu is a new, free Spectral Synthesizer for Ableton M4L made for Sensel morph with which you can discover sounds in a new “massage” way.

The Sensel Morph is an exciting, innovative MIDI controller that can be configured as desired. With control elements, with templates, or purely for touch, it is very versatile. For me, these controllers show their potential most when software is tailored to them. So that the hardware and software fit together and benefit from each other.

Sensel recently published a new synth for the Morph controller that shows nicely how both can harmonize. It is for Max For Live, free and open-source.

Spectral Shiatsu

Spectral Shiatsu

Say hello to Spectral Shiatsu, a new spectral Synthesizer device for Max For Live. It is made for Sensel’s technology. It utilizes the Morph’s ability to detect touch and pressure to change your perspective on the very nature of time and sound. For non-Morph users, it also works with your traditional mouse/touchpad. With Morph, you shape the sounds using your fingers which is a different experience.

The concept is exciting: you can load a sound file or even an image into Spectral Shiatsu. It then analyses it and creates a map of all the frequencies and their volumes over time. This monograph is mapped to the Morph. Once loaded, you can touch press on the surface to reveal and play the sound’s components from any time in the recording.

Sensel describes the process as a sound massage. As if a sound were lying on the massage bed and you can press it harder or light to discover new sounds. Pretty unique spectral synth to me. I especially like the communication between hardware and software. It gives the musician new possibilities to discover and play sounds.

Spectral Shiatsu is available now as a free download for Max For Live.

More information here: Sensel Morph

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