Modor Music NF-1 OS017, new firmware adds filter morphing

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Modor Music has released firmware OS017 for its NF-1 and NF-1m digital synthesizers with a new filter morphin g functionality.

Strong contrasts characterize the Synthesizer market. There are huge companies with hundreds of employees and factories in China; there are also one-man shows that do everything from development, production, and assembling to marketing. Not to forget support.

One of these remarkable solo-operated companies is Modor Music from Belgium. Marcel from Modor develops and assembles the product in-house and gives support. The company is known for the NF-1/NF-1m digital synthesizers, which have been on the market for 8 years. Today both the NF-1 and NF-1m gets another update.

Modor Music NF-1 OS017

Modor Music NF-1 OS017

The new OS017 is not a big update. But one with a new significant feature that expands the sonic spectrum. 

Modor Music has added to the NF-1/NF-1m a new crossfading/morphing functionality to the filter. This new feature is called FilterMix and and can be easily activated by the user. The classic filter switching is still onboard. 

Instead of just selecting one of the four filter types, you can now crossfade between different combinations of the lowpass (LP), bandpass (BP), and highpass (HP) filter outputs of the main resonant multimode filter of the NF-1(m). The morphing is divided into different parameter ranges: 

  • BP and LP filter outputs from 0 to 32
  • LP and HP filter outputs from 32 to 96
  • HP and BP filter outputs from 96 to 127

You miss the notch filter here, but there is a reason. The ‘bandstop’ (BS) or notch filter of the NF-1(m) was already an equal mix of LP+HP, so the pure notch filter output can be found halfway through the LP-HP crossfade at a value of 64. So it’s still there. This new filter function enables new sounds and interesting filtering results.

You can access the new FilterMix functionality via an easy shortcut: keep the waveform button down, and turn the value knob. On the NF-1m, the SELECT encoder on the filter page now does this continuous crossfading instead of just selecting a filter output. Talking about shorts, the new firmware also ships with new ones.

New Shortcuts

The new firmware OS017 also unlocks new shortcuts on the NF-1/NF-1m synthesizers, including: 

  • waveform selection using the WAVEFORM button + SELECT encoder, too, not just by repeatedly pressing WAVEFORM
  • new shortcut to Poly/Mono/Legato switching: OSC3 + VALUE
  • new PhaseRandom parameter shortcut: OSC2 + VALUE
  • Names are saved immediately after editing them. Previously, you still had to save a patch after renaming it, which was a bit unlogical and confusing for many users.

First Impression

A nice, solid update for the Modor NF-1/NF-1m. Filter morphing allows for some interesting sounds. The function is particularly interesting for performances or sequences. Thumbs up for updates even 8 years after release. Thanks Marcel. 

The new Modor Music NF-1/NF-1m OS017 firmware is available now as a free download for existing customers. 

More information here: Modor Music 

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