Instruo x DivKid øchd gets an expander turning it into a new modulation beast

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Instruo DivKid have released an expander for the popular øchd module, turning it into a new modulation beast.

We are in the last days of October. Or as DivKid calls it, ØCHD-OBER according to the name of its super popular modulation module ØCHD. A module he made in collaboration with the Scottish company Instruo.

Today, he is celebrating an ØCHD-OBER-FEST at Signal Sounds where he also unveiled a new module, giving you more ØCHD for your rack. 

Instruo DivKid Ochd expander

Instruo DivKid ØCHD Expander

Please welcome the ØCHD expander. It’s a new expansion module for the ØCHD that adds a mighty new function to the module. 

As a reminder, ØCHD is a unique modulation module that packs eight analog LFOs into 4HP. The brilliant thing about it is the concept. The eight triangle LFOs always run freely and have an “organic” “alive” connection to each other.

Thanks to this configuration, they have a drifting modulation character, allowing you to create constantly evolving animations. Swarming effects are also possible.

The new module expands the ØCHD with 16 additional outputs and four all-new functionalities. Starting with four new full-wave rectified unipolar positive LFOs. The expander inverts here the negative portions of the original LFOs into positive unipolar signals, giving you new modulation possibilities.

Instruo DivKid øchd expander

Then, it hosts two analog diode logic pars with the functions AND/Min and OR/Max. It outputs the minimum and maximum voltages between LFOs 2+3 and 6+7. These fit perfectly for complex modulations. 

Just below there are four cascading stochastic trigger signals great for creating interesting rhythmic patterns. It produces triggers at the start of each left-side LFO’s cycle, with triggers normally across unpatched inputs. 

Finally, you get four R-2R 4-bit logic random voltage sources, aka slow noises for everything wild and chaotic. Using these, you can generate random-stepped voltage signals. And all these new functions are controlled by ØCHD’s single frequency control and CV attenuverter. 

So Instruo and DivKid stay true to the evolving modulation idea, and you now have 24 mod outputs to play. Always better than just eight.

First Impression

ØCHD is considered a must-have for evolving modulations by many Eurorack musicians. This new expander brings the novel concept many steps further. If you have an ØCHD in your rack, it’s probably hard to get past this one.

Instruo DivKid øchd expander is available now for $109/£99.

More information here: Instruo Modular

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