KINDZAudio MentalV, this FX plugin takes you on an experimental granular glitch trip

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KINDZAudio MentalV is a wild FX plugin that takes the user on a granular, glitch trip, now in version 2.4 with new features.

New plugins are released every day. Many of these are effects, often very classic ones like delays, reverb,s, etc. Effects that are always needed when designing sounds or making music. Only, a few developers, however, go beyond classic effects and explore crazy ideas like the plugins from Glitchmachines, Inear Display, and other smaller creators.

One who belongs to this small group is KINDZAudio. A 1-man company (if I’m not mistaken) with a focus on crazy synth and FX plugins. He recently released an update 2.4 for its MentalV plugin, a unique processor I haven’t shown here yet.

KINDZAudio MentalV

KINDZAudio MentalV

Mental is not a classic effects plugin. It’s a wild and crazy one that hosts a distortion, granular processor, reverb, and more in a single multi-fx processor.

Technically, you route audio inside the plugin, then it grabs it from the internal buffer and applies scanning/granularization to it with pitch shifting and reverberation on top.

Sounds simple, in practice, it goes very deep. The developer offers a variety of parameters with which you can tweak the individual elements. This includes transpose, density (amount of grains), duration of the grains, scan position, duration lock, BPM lock, and more.

There is also onboard modulation in the form of an ADR envelope for a single grain and a routable LFO. If that’s not enough movement and you want it even wilder, you must visit the automation engine. It allows you to animate parameters in real-time. It has various controls, including speed of the animation, animated sample & hold, sync, and more.

Update 2.4

New, however, is update 2.4 for the MentalV plugin, which brings some new features to the table. It introduces 4x oversampling, making higher quality audio processing possible. Then, KINDZAudio reworked the effects. You can explore a new distortion mode and an improved reverb with a new algorithm.

It also brings reverb and LFO speed animation. Plus, it fixes GUI problems and optimizes the plugin in the code.

First Impression

I haven’t fully tested the plugin yet. I downloaded the demo and explored it a bit. It’s definitely a wild trip. Yes, it is a very experimental plugin in terms of features and concept. One where you have to get involved and will not be disappointed at the beginning that only wild stuff comes out. It’s not the one-knob plugin that will give you instant perfect results. it is there for experimentation.

KINDZAudio MentalV is available now for an introductory price of 50€. It runs as a VST, VST3, and AU on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon), Linux, and Windows. A demo version is on the website.

More information here: KINDZAudio

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