Syntropy, psybient downbeat jam with the Elektron Syntakt

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German musician Substan has published a groovy psybient, downbeat jam Syntropy with the Elektron Syntakt digital analog groovebox.

With the Syntakt, Elektron has a hybrid Synthesizer groovebox in its portfolio that uses analog and digital machines (synth engines). They range from punchy drum models to rich-sounding hybrid bass and lead sound engines.

The German musician Substan shows that Elektron’s latest groovebox is not only suitable for techno in the face. In his new Syntakt jam, he plays excellent psybient and downtempo music—so calmer and more relaxed side of the Syntakt.

Syntropy Elektron Syntakt

According to Sustan, he is currently finalizing a new Syntakt sound pack, and this jam is meant to be a final test. He recorded the Syntakt in one take into the Zoom M4 and mastered it in post.

As a lover of psybient music, I like the sounds Substan use in this final jam.

What Is The Elektron Syntakt

As a reminder, it’s a 12-track hybrid groovebox with four analog and eight digital tracks powered by various fully tweakable machines.  A highlight of the SYNTAKT is its flexible audio routing. It allows you to route any of your synth tracks or external audio sources through the FX box that gives analog distortion & filtering as well as a couple of LFOs.

More information here: Substan BandcampElektron 

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