MrDataline The Syntakt Experience bundles a new EP, sound pack & video demo

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Cenk Sayinli aka MrDataline bundles his experience with the new Elektron Syntakt in a new EP, sound pack & video demo.

If you think of Elektron, the name Cenk Sayinli aka MrDataline comes to mind for many. Until mid-2021 he was the product specialist and demonstrator at trade fairs for Elektron. He was one of the best in the field because he presented every instrument with a lot of passion and very musically.

Here the features were not shown according to a checkbook but placed in a suitable performance context. Something you rarely see in company demos. MrDataline stayed with Elektron after his departure and is working hard on new music and on his YouTube channel. Of course, he already has the new Syntakt in his studio and he has bundled the first experiences in a new pack.

MrDataline The Syntakt Experience

MrDataline The Syntakt Experience

The Syntakt Experience is a full 8-track EP entirely made with the new Elektron Syntakt hybrid Synthesizer groovebox. The 4GB+ pack gives you all 8 tracks, the Sysex file of all the patterns, stem recordings of all tracks from Syntakt as well as an in-depth explanation video. The Sysex files give you access to all the patterns MrDataline used in this EP.

You get 16 patterns in total which you can upload to your Syntakt and the included steam recordings allow you to remix or make totally new songs with them. And Cenk also promises the content is a great source of Syntakt samples for your hardware or software sampler.

Each song has 14 tracks of Stem files that consists of 12 audio tracks, analog FX track plus reverb, and delay track. Besides the sound content, you get an in-depth explanation video (30 minutes) that goes through how MrDataline composed and recorded these songs. Including his approach to performing, and his general view on the new Syntakt.

For all fans of Cenk’s past Elektron demos, this package can be very exciting.

MrDataline The Syntakt Experience is available now for £30 from his Gumroad or Bandcamp store. Elektron Syntakt is available now for 949€. At Thomann, more units will be available in a week.

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