Puremagnetik Hewin, effects plugin takes your sounds to circuit-bending spheres

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Puremagnetik Hewin is a new experimental effects plugin (mac/win) that takes your sounds to wild, circuit-bending-like spheres.

Plugins have the advantage that they are often very feature-rich and can also be expanded later without any problems. With hardware, factors like DSP, and usability… must be taken into account with such ideas. The disadvantage of ever-larger plugins is the hands-on operation.

A lot is hidden in sub-menus and the operation with the mouse makes it unattractive for many musicians. Puremagnetik from the US takes a clearly minimal approach with their plugins. Their synths and effects have very reduced feature set and are strongly reminiscent of classic pedals. Less is more. Hewin is their latest experimental-flavored plugin, again with a straight user experience.

Puremagnetik Hewin

Puremagnetik Hewin

Hewin is a new effects/sound processing plugin with an experimental nature. It’s designed to add unique artifacts and circuit-bending timbres to any sound.

To achieve this, the developers have created a wild engine based on an FM modulator and a distortion unit. It modulates an input signal as if it were being dialed into an FM transmitter, says Puremagnetik.

It is capable of warping, bending, and hacking your sounds in new experimental timbres. According to Puremagnetik, it works great on drums, guitars, and synths.

Hewin has a minimal user interface with seven controls:

  • tune – adjusts the base frequency of the modulator
  • drive – change the amplitude of the modulator
  • warble – modulates the tune control
  • range – selects the factor (index) of modulation
  • slams – applies a waveshaping distortion
  • scoop – adjusts the frequency of a band-pass filter (with a bypass button)
  • jumble – randomly resets all controls.

First Impression

The effects Hewin generates are special and bizarre.  It is not a classic effect that you use every day—rather one to experiment and see what it does with your sounds. I like the releases from Puremagnetik because they are the opposite of the current plugin trend of adding more and more. Here you get a small dosis that is curated by the developers.

Puremagnetik Hewn is now available as a part of it’s monthly ($9) or yearly Spark subscription plan ($89). You get a new plugin every month, and you can keep it forever, also after canceling the subscription. Later, the plugin will be available for $20. It runs in VST and AU format in macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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