reFuse Software Introduced Cheeseverb, Analog-Modeled BBD Lo-Fi Reverb Plugin

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reFuse Software Cheeseverb is an analog-modeled BBD reverb plugin for PC & Mac that is based on the vintage Electronic analog reverb

Reverb plugins are on the market like sand by the sea. From emulations to completely new ideas, near everything is available. Cheeseverb is a new reverb plugin that emulates a rare hardware unit, the electronic analog reverb.

Based around a model of a long out-of-production bucket-brigade (BBD) chip with multiple, specially-spaced output taps, an array of delay signals is combined and recirculated to create a reverb-like signal – without washy diffusion artifacts.

reFuse Software CheeseVerb


One reason that BBD reverbs never caught on is that affordable digital reverbs came on the market around the same time, and in the ‘80s, that bright splashy sound was in high demand. The Cheeseverb does something different. Being a BBD circuit, it aggressively rolls off higher frequencies to avoid aliasing. The result is dark and rich, and because of the way it pans its various delay taps across the stereo field, it is particularly useful for taking a mono source and giving it some left-right spread.

Why call it the “Cheeseverb”, then? Because this flavor of reverb is a non-realistic, primitive ambience that won’t be fooling anybody into thinking they’re hearing a natural space. As a traditional reverb, it’s, well, cheesy. But if you can live with that fact, then you might find that the Cheeseverb can be just the trick for giving instruments a unique space in your mixes. It is an excellent stereoizer of mono sources (try it on handclaps!). And because the Cheeseverb uses discrete delays to create its stereo spatialization, it can spread a signal wide without the usual phasey wash of a reverb.

reFuse Software Cheeseverb is available now for $13 USD (intro price). From August 14th, the price will be $39 USD.

More information here: reFuse

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