Behringer Pro VS Mini: $99 hybrid vector synth is available for pre-order

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Behringer Pro VS Mini is a compact hybrid vector Synthesizer based on the Sequential Prophet VS; it’s now available for pre-order. 

Yesterday, after a year of silence, Behringer gave an update on its upcoming Pro VS Mini, a hybrid synthesizer based on Dave Smith’s legendary Sequential Pro VS. This news includes a new sound demo of the synth.

Now it’s official. The development is complete, the synth is in production, and you can pre-order it now. The price remained the same, $99/99€.

Behringer Pro VS Mini

Behringer Pro VS Mini

The Pro VS Mini features a hybrid 4-voice engine that authentically replicates the original Prophet VS sound engine. Its core gives you 16 vector oscillators featuring wavetable synthesis with 128 waveforms. There is no information on whether you can load your own waveforms.

Like on the original, the oscillators can be set into four locations (A, B, C, D). Once set, you can create interesting morphing sounds of all four oscillators using the built-in joystick. From here, it goes straight into an analog 24dB filter.

Modulation side, you get three oscillators so individual envelopes for the filter, amp, and oscillator mixer, making creative sound shaping possible. Besides this, you can work with multi-wave LFOs to control the filter and oscillator tuning.

Behringer Pro VS Mini Synthesizer

It hosts a chorus effect with rate and amount controls to refine your sounds. All this hybrid engine is packed into a compact-sized case with 27 touch-sensitive keys. Alternatively, you can play via MIDI using the dedicated MIDI input.

There is also a 16-step sequencer built-in. With or without motion recording? Also onboard is an arpeggiator with three patterns. Next to this, you can can also find other useful features, including a high-resolution OLED display, a USB-C port for powering and computer connectivity, and a sync input.

According to Behringer, it also comes with a comprehensive MIDI implementation (including NRPN/CC control of all parameters and bulk load/save)

First Impression

Sounds like a very good deal. For $99, you get a lot of 80s Sequential Pro VS Charm in a very compact synth. The first sound demos are already convincing. Let’s see if we see a Pro VS Big in the future.

Behringer Pro VS Mini is available now for pre-order for 99€. It will be available in several months.

More information here: Behringer 

Available for pre-order here:


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  1. Looks great, but still 2 important questions that need answering…
    1 – Does it have the mod matrix of the original?
    2 – Is it compatible with the original’s sysex files to exchange presets, etc?

  2. We’ll see when its available to order from anywhere inside the US, lol. Still waiting on the edge to be available over here, so…

  3. Thx, John.
    I’ve checked the guide, and unfortunately the mini IS lacking 2 key features of the original VS, which really limits its ability for sound design.

    No mod matrix and no random patch generator, either. Such a shame, and I hope Behringer tries to include them in a firmware update. Until they do, it’s a no sale for me, as this is just a preset rompler with very limited sound design potential, when it doesn’t have to be.

  4. this must be one of these infamous synths behringer announces and never delivers. amazingly looking real to me

    • They really want your bad case of GAS to force you to buy a Crave while you wait for the VS or Crave, then buy the Edge when it finally arrives, then buy the VS, too.

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