Behringer BX700, hybrid DX-7 style FM synth meets CS-80 filter Status: prototype

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Behringer BX700 is a new upcoming portable hybrid DX-7 style FM Synthesizer with a built-in analog filter and touch keys.

Damn, we have the mess. Once started with Behringer news, you can’t keep up with announcements. It’s like a wormhole. After the PolySource announcement/teaser, we now move on to the hybrid world.

With the BX700, Behringer is showing a portable hybrid FM Synthesizer based on the legendary Yamaha DX-7.

Behringer BX700

Behringer BX700

The BX700 engine is based on the Yamaha DX-7 Synthesizer with 6 operators. You can also see this on the interface above the display.

Instead of keeping it as is in the original, Behringer made the synth smaller, more portable, and hybrid. It uses an analog replica of the Yamaha CS-80 filter with cutoff and resonance controls on the interface. So two legendary vintage synth concepts in one new instrument.

Whether the BX700 has polyphony and how many voices is not known. Because to be really polyphonic, he needs several analog filters, in this case several CS-80 filters.

If you look at the interface, you can see on the right side that it can also be used as a hybrid groovebox. There is a mixer for mixing synth, bass, and three drum tracks. Interesting interesting. The FM engine can probably be controlled with the four encoders below the display.

The instrument can be played with the MicroFreak-like golden/black touch keys or the built-in sequencer that will offer swing, probability, and more. There is also a touch slider above the keys.

According to Behringer, the synth is currently not a product and is not yet planned. Whether to believe that, well let’s see, or is just marketing?

Behringer FB Post

What a crazy Friday. Can you believe that after Marc left the office, our other obsessed product magician Miguel quietly tapped me on my shoulder and handed me this synth prototype.

He said “you need to know that this synth is on no roadmap, no business plan and even Uli doesn’t know about it. I have designed this in my spare time and I just wanted to share this secretly with you.

It’s a DX7 on steroids as it has an authentic CS-80 analog filter built in and a few other cool features.” I promised Miguel to keep it confidential so when I share this with you, make sure you don’t share it with anyone else, otherwise I’ll be in big trouble.
We promise to never make this synth as the world surely doesn’t need another DX7, or does it?

First Impression

At first sight an interesting portable hybrid FM Synthesizer or gorovebox.  Reminds me of the look of the MicroFreak with its touch plates. I’m curious if the BX700 will become a reality and when we can buy it.

Behringer BX700 availability and price TBA.

More information will follow here: Behringer 


  1. “B-Ray” lmao. Finally! Someone brings back the D-beam. Behringer’s commitment to adding “B” into their clones does make me smirk. Also, this is deceptively small, isn’t it? Like Volca size?

    Also, I hope they didn’t cancel the VCS3. Haven’t heard about that in a year.

    • no VCS3 is definitely not canceled.

      this is their first Macro platform; a follow on to their Mini/Micro line (previously called Soul/Spirit) – built for digital synthesis granular, fm, va, etc.. with a DSP capable CPU. it is the 11th model in this line of portable synths.

      for those following along with the home board game, they showed this platform PCB off last year, you can see the d-beam on it already.

      • Oh you’re right, forgot about that PCB thing they showed a while back. Looking back, seems like it has several jacks on the back panel so this might be closer to Microfreak size.

  2. Hope it offers easy way to import sysex of which there are thousands. Also hope polyphony is decent and at a good price, i would be highly tempted. Must be Volca beating for sure.

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