Brummer10 ToneTwistPlugs, new open-source free distortion plguins (mac, linux, win)

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Brummer10 ToneTwistPlugs is a new set of open-source free distortion plugins for mac, linux, win modeled on famous guitar pedals.

Distortion effects are popular with guitarists, mainly to achieve rock and metal sounds. Synths with distortion is also possible but often an underestimated combo. They can be used to give electronic sounds more character.

It doesn’t always have to be hardware. You can also do this in production with plugins. There are new plugins from the developer Brummer10 that gives you this fun for free. 

Brummer10 ToneTwistPlugs

Brummer10 ToneTwistPlugs

ToneTwistPlugs is a new set of open-source free distortion plugins modeled from several famous guitar pedal schematics. According to the developer, the plugins are based on the DISTRO DPF framework, an environment that simplifies the development of audio plugins.

The bundle includes the following modeled pedals 

  • MetalTone (BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone) 
  • CollisionDrive (Horizon Devices Precision Drive) 
  • Rumor (Devi Ever Ruiner) 
  • TubeScreamer (Ibanez TS-9) 
  • ValveCaster (DIY guitar pedal schematic from 2007 by Matsumin) 
  • BoobTube (ValveCaster) 

Each plugin has a straightforward structure reminiscent of guitar pedals. You get a handful of parameters and no menus. For example, the MetalTone has controls for the distortion, low, high, midfreq, middle, and level.

First Impression

A nice set of free distortion plugins. There are no groundbreaking new effects, but it is a nice release for the free plugin community

Brummer10 ToneTwistPlugs plugins are available now as a free download. They run as LV2, VST2, VST3, and CLAP plugins on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon), Linux, and Windows. 

More information here: GitHub 

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