Xhun Audio SnareClack, snare drum synth plugin is available now

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Xhun Audio is expanding its SnapLab Collection with the SnareClack snare drum synth plugin, and save 75% OFF on KickBeat bass drum plugin.

Good news: the Xhun Audio Snare Plugin is now released.  Unfortunately, without a native Apple Silicon support, hope that the developer will publish an update soon.

Xhun Audio SnareClack

Article May 29th, 2023

Back in 2022, Xhun Audio, the developer of the LittleOne (Moog Little Phatty), introduced the SnapLab Collection, a new series of plugins focusing on simplicity and efficiency. The KickBeat drum synth plugin was the first plugin in this series.

Now comes the SnareClack, a percussive synth plugin made for snares. Yes, logically, after the kick comes the snare.

Xhun Audio SnareClack

Xhun Audio SnareClack

SnareClack is a compact, easy-to-use snare drum Synthesizer plugin. It uses 16-bit integer precision digital synthesis techniques (widely used on late-90s hardware devices) and a modeled DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) circuit with saturation control.

According to Xhun Audio, it follows the design of all SnapLab Collection plugins. It is intended to have a very particular focus and scope, a simple, easy-to-use interface, and will be available at a fair and affordable price.

Full details of the plugin controls will be available in the following days.


The kick counterpart to the new snare drum plugin is KickBeat. It’s a drum kick synth plugin with two independent (bass/snap) digital synthesis layers, a built-in digital reverberation DSP algorithm, and an analog-modeled transistor-based saturation circuit.


  • Accurate physical modeling simulation achieved by the adoption of the Advanced Component Simulation (ACS) approach.
  • Full 64-bit processing accuracy for every single aspect of the simulation.
  • A complete, self-contained, hybrid digital-analogue electronic drum kick generator device.
  • Two independent (Bass / Snap) digital synthesis layers featuring late-90s, genuine 16-bit integer precision algorithms.
  • Analogue modeled transistor-based saturation circuit with load control.
  • Built-in digital reverberation DSP algorithm.
  • Including 40+ ready-to-use factory presets collection covering multi-genre styles.
  • MIDI automation.
  • Support for sample rates from 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz.
  • Available in multi-size GUI resolutions.

First Impression

It looks like a nice drum synth extension of the easy-to-use SnapLap Collection. On the other hand, KickBeat kick drum synth plugin for 9€ is a good deal, especially if you’re looking for a kick drum synth.

Xhun Audio SnareClack is available now for an introductory price of 19,90€ instead of 39€. The plugin runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel) and Windows. A native Apple Silicon version is not yet available, but you can use it using Apple Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon macs.

KickBeat is available for 9€ instead of 39€ (75% OFF) at VST Buzz until June 6, 2023.

More information here: Xhun Audio

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