WIMSS WoodSynth 2.5, multi-layer MPE synth (mac/iOS) gets new features

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WIMSS WoodSynth multi-layer MPE synth for iOS and macOS gets a 2.5 feature update with a bigger UI, new mod destinations, and presets.

WoodSynth is a multi-layer Synthesizer that can have synthesis as well as samples as a sound source. With its hybrid engine packed with advanced modulations, very complex sounds can be made. One of the highlights of the synth is that it fully supports MPE.

WIMSS (Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio)recently released a free update 2.5 with some nice new features.

WIMSS WoodSynth 2.5

WIMSS WoodSynth 2.5

WoodSynth 2.5 brings a solid set of new features. With update 2.5 there is a new welcomed UI option. So far, the UI has several pages, which is a bit cumbersome when programming own patches. In version 2.5, you get a new expanded view showing all synth’s controls in one window. This functionality is available on macOS and iOS but only on 12.9″ iPads.

Then, the developer added a “gated” filter ADSR envelope which is useful for percussive, plucky sounds. The new preset Mysterious plucking uses this new feature. There is also a new ring modulation option between layers. Don’t forget WoodSynth has four layers that can either synthesis or sample files.

WoodSynth 2.5 also brings new modulation connections, including

  • filter up/down to LFO 1 destination
  • amp envelope sustain level to LFO 1 and LFO 2 destination
  • LFO 1 amp mod and filter up/down to aux env destinations.

The developer also added the option that you can now use the LFO 1 amp mod with oscillators 2, 3, and the samples. The new update 2.5 of WoodSynth also brings 10 new presets that mainly showcase the new features.

The new WoodSynth 2.5 update is available now as a free download for existing users of the macOS and iOS versions. The synth is available for $13,99 USD on the Apple AppStore and $44,99 USD on the Apple Mac AppStore.

More information here: WIMSS

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